10 HILARIOUS Marriage Quotes For When The Honeymoon Is (WAY!) Over

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Marriage life ... AFTER the honeymoon phase.

It might sound like one big inside joke to married couples, but the "honeymoon phase" is REAL. There comes a time in everyone's relationship (when it's all new and you're still wearing your rose-colored glasses) when all you can do is love every little thing your spouse does.

Think of it like the first few months of dating: you're still getting to know each other, dating is exciting, and you love making out like you're still teenagers ... gross to everyone else, but cute to the two of you.

The same can be said for newlyweds; the world is your oyster and you want to make the most out of life as soon as possible.


If you live with each other before getting married, then you already know that your relationship isn't going to be perfect all the time. If you don't, then you've probably heard all of the horror stories from friends and family about what to expect.

Sure, there might be a few repeat arguments about where dirty laundry is supposed to go or whose turn it is to take the trash to the curb, but after it's all said and done, you know that these little things don't define your marriage ... 

Until you've been married for a few years.

Once the honeymoon phase is over, you can't help but hate your significant other a little bit, even though you still want to spend the rest of your life with each other. What's WITH that?! Sometimes, it's just easier to roll your eyes and give him the cold shoulder for a few hours than kiss and make up. 

THAT, my friends, is when you know the honeymoon is definitely over.

These hilarious quotes prove that in marriage, the good always comes with the bad and sometimes, it's just easier to say "screw it!" and roll with the punches. I mean, how else are you supposed to handle married life?!

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"Touch this thermostat again and you will wake up without a hand. That's all."

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"Marriage IS a fairy tale... just in reverse. You start out at a ball in a beautiful gown and end up spending all day cleaning up after little people."

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"And do you solemnly swear to protect me from spiders as long as we both shall live?"

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"If at first you don't succeed... try doing it the way your wife told you."

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"When you had a fight with your wife last night, she still makes you a lunch the next day..."

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"I love you. You annoy me more than I ever thought possible. But I want to spend every irritating minute with you."

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"You call it 'nagging.' I call it 'listen to what I f*cking said the first time.'"

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"Being married is like having a best friend who doesn't remember anything you say."

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"Marriage is like a good cardio workout. If it's never challenging, you're probably not doing it right."

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"Sometimes I wonder how you put up with me. Then I remember, oh, I put up with you. So we're even."