7 Signs He's About To Leave You — For Good

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breaking up signs

Get out while you can.

Sometimes the worst part of breaking up with someone happens before the actual breaking up part. 

If you've been in a relationship for a while, it can be hard to leave, even if you want to. But what's worse then leaving are the months leading up to the break up, when slowly but surely your partner begins to check out of the relationship the two of you have built together.

It's a shitty feeling to recognize that someone is dismantling what you've built together just by not caring. You can save yourself some major heartache if you acknowledge the signs that he's checking out and pull the rip cord yourself before it's too late.

Here are 7 crucial signs he's getting ready to leave, so you can beat him to the punch. 


1. He puts off tough discussions 

We're not talking life or death tough, we're talking "should I ask my boss for a raise?" or "what should I do about this sucky roommate?" talk. He's getting ready to leave and because of that the last possible thing he wants to do is get involved in the everyday minutiae of your life. 

2. The gaps between texts become  longer and longer 

The two of you used to be in constant communication, you're both ardent texters. But those texts aren't coming the way they used to. You text him at noon now and if you hear back from him before the stroke of midnight, it's a miracle. 

3. He starts cancelling plans more often 

He's cancelling or rescheduling your plans all the time because he's getting ready never to see again. He likes the boost you give his ego, but when it comes to spending time together there are so many other things he'd rather do, like sit around his apartment with his hand in his pants. 

4. He talks a lot more about how tough work has become 

Suddenly he's become a career professional, obsessed with his job. Your passionate about your work too, but somehow you manage to do it, do it well and still expect to have a social life. If he's dissing you for work, it's because he's getting ready to leave. 

5. He talks about needing to focus more on [insert hobby here]

Weightlifting, screen printing, brewing his own beer — when a guy is looking for a way out even the most hipster-tastic hobbies will become viable reasons for him not wanting to spend time with you anymore. A guy on his way out loses the ability to multitask. 

6. He waits until the last minute to confirm plans

You're supposed to go out tonight, which means you'll be dressed and ready to go by 8, but he won't ping you until 11:30. You aren't dating, you're being used as a sex toy which is all well and good provided you aren't kidding yourself that he's still present in the relationship. 

7. He dithers about making it official

At three months you took your relationship's temperature and he wasn't ready to make it official, you did it again at six and still nothing, now it's been almost a year and he flinches when you call him your boyfriend. He's not getting ready to cut and run, he was never tied down to begin with.