10 Reasons Gwyneth Paltrow Deserves Our Damn RESPECT

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Gwyneth Patlrow facts

If you are reading this, you probably don't care much for Gwyneth Paltrow. In fact, if left to your own devices you might go so far as to say that you hate the lifestyle mogul and actress supreme. This is your prerogative, of course. 

But it is also mine to tell you just what a fool you are. 

It surprises a lot of my peers when they discover just how much I adored Paltrow. 

My love of the woman began when I was still a chubby kid who wanted desperately to be an actress. I thought she was talented and looked great with a pixie cut. It was just that simple.

As I grew up, my love for her did not wane even though according to some, it should have.

She's a hardworking single mother of two kids. She runs her own media outlet. 

Her parents' success might have gotten her foot in the door, but it was Gwyneth herself and her immense talent and heart that kept her there. 

If that's not enough to sway you, fret not, I've got more. 

1. Because she refuses to say Brad Pitt's name 


If I had dated Brad Pitt I would never ever stop talking about it. Not so with Paltrow. Lady won't even say the dude's NAME.

That's some Beyonce-level shade right there, and I respect it. YOU SHOULD TOO.

2. Because she's a daddy's girl


Paltrow is open about how much her relationship with her father Bruce Paltrow meant to her.

When she lost her father, she grieved in public, that's a bold, brave, and human thing to do. 

3. Because she loves her mom 


But just because she's a daddy's girl that doesn't mean that she doesn't love her mommy.

Girlfriend adores her mother Blythe Danner so much that she followed in her footsteps, becoming a major movie star. 

4. Because her English accent is on point


Lol lol lol I could have used a GIF from Sliding Doors, or one from Shakespeare In Love where she WASN'T dressed like a man, but would the fun be in that?! 

5. Because she honestly believes in sharing the things that make her happy with other people


Haters, step to the left. It's easy to rip into the insane price points on some Goop items. But no one ever talks about the twenty buck drugstore purchases she recommends.

She's not sharing expensive shit to make you feel bad. She is sharing the stuff that makes her happy with you in the hopes that it makes you happy too. 

6. Because she's a smart enough business woman not to get in the way of Goop's success


Paltrow knows that her association with Goop, the lifestyle brand that she birthed might not be the best thing for its future.

So much so that she's planning to step back from it. Ego free living!

7. Because she's not as 'out of touch' as people think


​It's super easy to say that because she's a movie star she's out of touch with what normal people like. Just because she lives a different lifestyle from yours that doesn't mean she doesn't understand where you're coming from.

Assuming the worst of a movie star just for being a movie star is dumb. 

8. Because she loves to eat


She loves food so much. She's written cookbooks and is friends with all manner of chefs.

Plus her happy eating dance (as pictured above) is a rare delight. 

9. Because she's a good friend  


If you follow GP on Instagram you'll see that her friendship mean the world to her.

A woman who values her female friends is a woman I respect. 

10. Because she still smokes sometimes


​Sure, give her a hard time for being a snob about cheese, but then remember that just like  most of us former smokers she can't help but sneak a cig once or twice a year.

In her case, it's a week, and I love that. 

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