Voting For A Woman For President Doesn't Make You A Better Feminist

Photo: Big Green Door
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Her reproductive organs should have absolutely nothing to do with your vote.

While we don't agree with Donald Trump when he claims Hillary is playing the "woman card" in the election, we do think A LOT of voters just may be.

Much has been said about the role that feminism and gender equality plays in the first election where a major party has nominated a female candidate. And it's true: it's a huge, amazing step forward for women.

But there's a lot of women out there who believe that because there's a woman candidate, as feminists it's their duty to vote for her. That is not feminism. Voting for a woman because she's a woman is just as bad as not voting for a woman because she's a woman. Both are equally sexist, and not remotely feminist.

There's a lot of issues in this election some REALLY scary ones but the issue is never and should never be the sex of the candidate. While we may be voting for Hillary, it isn't because she's a woman.

There's nothing more sexist than assuming that women would automatically vote for the female candidate, because, obviously, she's the woman. It's not her gender that makes her the best candidate or the obvious choice for female voters. Just like her gender should never be a reason NOT to vote for her.

See what we mean?

Obviously, being a woman gives Hillary a better eye to issues like, say, women's issues, affordable child care. THOSE are issues you may want to vote for her based on. But the bathroom she uses? Nope.

Madeline Albright was famously quoted at a Clinton rally, saying, "Just remember, there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other." This suggests that women should (and need to) vote for Hillary because women need to support each other. That's no less wrong than when Gloria Steinem was quoted saying younger women are interested in Bernie Sanders support because they are trying to attract "the boys."

If these women are supposed to be icons of the feminist movement, they really need to take a breather and think about what they are doing here. Because NONE of what they are saying is actually feminist. A feminist is capable of making decisions based on issues that are important to them. They are able to think beyond gender.

Hillary Clinton is not the messiah to women. She may be great for women's issues, but it's also possible that had a man who cared about women's issues been on the ticket, he may have been that answer. (Obviously, Trump is not that man.)

But you don't need to be a woman to understand women. Theoretically, a male candidate could do great things for women and a woman leader could do terrible things. Gender does not equate with ability or lack thereof.

We need to stop supporting candidates based on the gender they are (or aren't), the race they are, or the religion they practice.

Did you know that during the time of JFK, the biggest issue he fought in his campaign was that he was Catholic? Now that sounds ridiculous, but then it was a big concern. His faith became a major issue of the election in 1960, and he overcame through people seeing beyond his religion and to his larger platform and focus.

If you're a Hillary supporter, do that for her. See beyond her gender and your misguided belief that is the reason people should or should not vote for her. Look at what she really stands for.

If that aligns with you, vote for her. If it doesn't, don't. But her reproductive organs should have absolutely nothing to do with it.