19 No-Filter Confessions From A Woman Who HATES Men

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Confessions Of A Manhater

A manhater speaks!

I've been called a man-hater a lot of times in my life. I've even openly said that I hate men. Ever wonder what goes through the mind of someone who has actually backed away from an entire gender?

Well, though I'm not proud of my misandry, I'll give you a glimpse into what's going on behind my eyes.

1. I used to want a man, and used to really exert myself when it came to being wife material.


I kept my looks good. I would let boyfriends have access to my money. I'd cook for them. I'd actually disrespect my family and friends for them. I used to be totally desperate just for a husband who would love me like men are supposed to do.

2. It's been nothing but horrible relationships for me.

I can't recall a good, healthy relationship I've ever had. After a while, you stop seeing men as relationship material because you just assume you're going to be beaten, stolen from, or potentially hurt by them.

3. You stop believing guys when they tell you that they treat women with respect.

This is after you realize the ones who usually say that are the worst of all. Yeah, I've been "Nice Guyed" and fell for it. I'm done with that sh*t.

4. When I hear of men getting tired of dealing with women, I breathe a sigh of relief.

To a point, I respect them for their decision. They aren't healthy for women. People like me aren't healthy for me. Alone, we do OK. It's clear that the only way either gender could ever win the battle of the sexes is to stop fraternization.

5. I don't believe men want love, or that they're even capable of it.


Don't get me wrong; I think they want female companionship or sex. I think they want someone to bear children for them. I think they might even think they can love. What they think is love is actually someone to have sex with and occasionally have a conversation with. That isn't love to me. Love goes deeper than that.

6. When I hear about engagements, my first reaction is to warn the woman that he's probably going to cheat on her.

Statistics show that this will most likely be the case. Ninety percent of all divorces are initiated by the woman... and I'm assuming that's because the woman got tired of her husband's sh*t.

7. I saw a lot of friends in abusive relationships, and saw one too many men treat women like sh*t.

Eventually, any respect that I had for men died. I can honestly say that I don't trust men to do a damned thing they say they will.

8. Though I have men as friends, I don't treat them like men.

I treat them like I would a female friend, because I don't want to think of my guy-friends as guys. The claws only come out when a guy hits on me or talks about "love" as men know it.

9. I love to be downright cruel when I reject guys.

The words "useless," "worthless," and "little bitch" have come up in my rejections before. My claim to fame? Making a man cry in the middle of a park in New York City. I feel like it's getting revenge on them for treating me like sh*t, even though the men I hurt are typically innocent.

10. I also enjoy messing with guys' emotions.


There's really something very enjoyable about seeing a guy burst into tears.

11. Truthfully, I probably want to see if I can break a guy the way they broke me.

This should probably horrify me, but it doesn't. I'm oddly OK with it.

12. As of late, my interest in commitment went out the window.

Why would I want to commit myself to someone who brings nothing but pain and misery to the table? As I said before, I don't believe that men are capable of love or respect or commitment. So, what does that leave me? At best, I got some jackass who gives me his paycheck then divorces me for a younger girl ten years down the road. At worst, I could get killed by a domestic abuser.

13. Hell yes, I'm bitter.

I'm bitter about being lied to by Disney and all those other sh*thead Hollywood movies. I feel like I got lied to about what men are supposed to do, when all I've ever seen them do is look out for themselves and discard women when they're no longer convenient.

14. I really don't want to hear that "not all guys" are the same, nor do I want to hear garbage about having "not met the right guy yet."

This is the easiest way to make me want to smack someone. Fifteen-plus years of sh*tty experiences with a certain demographic, without a single example of a good experience, means that yes, it is "all men" FOR ME.

15. That being said, my sex drive took a nose dive, too.


Believe it or not, there's a point where your disgust for a certain gender supercedes your biological urges. I never thought I'd hit that point, but recently, I have. The celibacy has done wonders for my bank account, my ability to focus, and my overall stress level.

16. I sneer when I hear someone ask me, "What if your future husband wants you to...?"

The sneer is usually followed by, "Tough sh*t for him, eh bucko?"

17. While I would love for a guy to prove me wrong, it's too little, too late.

I don't think I'd actually believe a sincere man's plea to believe him anymore.

18. No, I don't think I need therapy.

I honestly think I'm healthier now that I'm a misandrist than I ever was when I thought men could be decent human beings, or when I thought they were worthy of love. I'm doing good for myself.

19. I wonder if I'm alone in this.


Am I? Could someone out there tell me the truth?