5 DISGUSTING Things That Happen When You Give A Rim Job

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If your boyfriend has been asking you to give him a rim job or to allow him to lick yours, he's probably not kidding. This is something a lot of people are very into. Of course, as it's an area poop comes out of, just as you might have unsure moments with anal sex, you possibly will with this. Who wants to get feces in their mouth or be farted on?

A great way to avoid a lot of the potential ick effect is to start your fun in the shower. If you take a shower together, you start in a clean place, meaning you're much less likely to deal with aforementioned surprises.

As for how to get started, a great idea is to work your way there from a more familiar area, like a ​blowjob. Then, simply let your mouth travel from his penis to his testicles, eventually ending by his butthole. Take it slow, and remember: you never have to do anything you are uncomfortable with.

But you should really give everything a try before discounting it altogether. Especially considering these five things that happen when you give him a rim job.

1. He farts.


Farting, of course, is possible in this situation, says Carol Queen, Good Vibrations staff sexologist. 


2. Their butt may not be clean to begin with.

A rim job is a bad time to realize your partner's hygiene isn't great. It's gross having to put your tongue on an unclean surface such as the butthole, but it's even worse when your man doesn't clean the area beforehand! Can you say eww?!


3. You can get fecal matter in your teeth.


"I was directing an adult lesbian movie and was off-camera watching the scene unfold. One girl was on all fours and had her bum up in the air. Another started licking her butthole. She tongued a bit deeper and suddenly, the girl doing the licking stopped and screwed up her face. We had to pause the camera, as she was pulling a really funny face.

When asked if she was OK, she replied, 'Oh yes, I am now; it was only a little bit of poop.' I'm not sure where the poop went; I never asked. However, I did give her my toothbrush and some mouthwash so they could carry on," says Tanya Tate, adult actress and director of lesbian movies.


4. The smell can be gnarly.

"You gotta really love a guy to lick his butt or feel desperate enough to do anything to keep him. Because, unless he has recently taken a bath, you may well find yourself being overcome with odor (kinda like how a skunk protects himself)," says psychiatrist and sexpert Carole Lieberman M.D.


5. He didn't wipe properly.


"He didn't wipe correctly and you come across fecal matter... Or his testicles are sweaty and smelly. That's when it's your turn to go down and come right back up," says Briana Banks, an adult actress.