How To Give Your Man The Safe & Sexy Rim Job He's Been DYING For

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How To Give A Man (Or Woman) A Safe And Sexy Rim Job (AKA Analingus)

Rimming, analingus, tossing the salad, whatever you want to call it, has always held a bit of a controversial reputation as taboo and perhaps a bit unsanitary.

But as more alternative and daring sexual behaviors come to light in the mainstream, couples have started expressing greater interest in experimenting with this form of anal pleasure.

The concern about hygiene means this alluring and edgy oral sex activity is often misunderstood and intimidating, leaving even those who crave exploration most a bit reluctant to try. It's a real shame given that the anal region is an incredibly erogenous and sensitive area.

Tapping into it can be a serious game-changer for your sex life.

To help you ease your anxiety, unleash your sexual prowess and give your partner an amazing sensation he (or she) may not yet know exists, we’ve created this delicious guide for how to give a rim job that's sexy as hell (while still playing it totally safe).

Keeping It Clean

Contrary to popular conception, rim jobs are actually relatively safe — as long as you’re responsible and sensible when engaging in one.

1. First things first, make sure you and your partner have been tested for STIs recently.

The area around the rectum is prime breeding ground for diseases. That’s not necessarily because it’s dirty down there, “But because it’s part of the skin that connects the entire genital area, and some of those organisms may simply be moving around,” according to Dr. Dennis Fortenberry, professor of pediatrics at Indiana University School of Medicine.

In addition to STIs, Hepatitis A and B can also be transmitted easily, so make sure you have both been vaccinated as well.

And to really receive an A+ in safe sex practices (and ensure a clean and carefree time), consider using a dental dam or cutting a condom in half.

2, Even beyond remaining disease-free, hygiene is critical.

Make sure the area is thoroughly washed with water and some gentle antibacterial soap before beginning (avoid using scented body washes which can irritate the anus).

Hair removal, while not necessary, is preferable in order to make sure nothing gets caught in the fuzz when your partner uses the toilet.

3. Keep in mind your partner’s bathroom habits.

If he’s been going too much, not enough, or his recent stool wasn't solid, this could be a sign of a gastrointestinal issue you wouldn’t want to stick your nose in. The phrase “Don’t sh*t where you eat” really takes on a whole new meaning here.

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From Sloppy To Sexy

Now on to the fun part: how to make this a wildly unforgettable experience for you both!

Have your partner position himself on his hands and knees, doggy style. Begin by gently caressing and kissing the region around the anus including the perineum, the area between the genitals and anus. After a little warm-up, begin licking up, down, and all-around with a wide, loose tongue. Make sure to keep your lips wet and use a lot of saliva. Anuses don’t self-lubricate, so the wetter the better down there.

For an even more intense sensation, softly blow on the damp skin with a hot or cool breath. Switch it up by alternating between rapidly sliding your tongue down his crack and swirling it around his whole derriere.

Once you’ve mastered rimming the outside of his anus, it’s time to try penetrating.

Make your tongue pointed and slightly narrower, then begin slowly inserting it into the anus using a circular motion. How far you go in depends on how comfortable you and your partner are, as well as on your own flexibility. Optionally, you can use a wet finger to penetrate his buttocks.

After the deed is done, rinse with mouthwash, but don’t immediately brush your teeth or floss as you could scratch your gums and increase the risk of infection.

As we become more revolutionized sexually as a society, taboos like butt play diminish. Yet while anal sex has skyrocketed for heterosexual couples, straight men still have trouble admitting they enjoy an occasional finger (or tongue) in the booty. Remember that whole Amber Rose fiasco?

Our generation is certainly enlightened surrounding sexuality, feminism, and LGBTQ issues, and yet clearly there is immense room for growth if a straight guy liking a little butt licking can be seen as emasculating.

So enjoy!

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