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4 Rules Smart Women ALWAYS Follow When Sending Nude Pics

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Personally, I've never been a fan of nude photos. 

Too many of friends and peers got seriously burned in high school — and after — when they sent a photo of their naked selves to a guy they thought they were in love in with. It all seemed like a good, fun idea until everyone and their mother had the photo saved in their phone and were drawing mustaches on your face. 

Yeah, no thanks. 

But even if I don't partake in the activity, I don't see any reason to judge a person for doing so. I mean, anytime I'm naked and feel good about myself, I document that shit because hey, not every day is like that. And while I don't have a person I trust enough to send those to, if I did then I probably would. 

That is the key: having someone you trust.

Someone you know deep in your gut would never ever think about passing those along. I have yet to find that unicorn person, so props to you if you have. 

And there are still confident women out there who don't really care if the photo gets passed along — which is fine too. You should be the only judge of what you're comfortable with and who you allow to see your naked bod. If that's the whole world, more power to you. 

However the world we live in is a harsh one, where women are patronized and judged daily for every level of sexuality they exhibit.

You're never perfect, and you're never good enough, and the only way to combat that stigma is to fucking own it. 

No matter what you do, someone is going to judge you. Someone might draw a mustache on your face or call you a slut. They might post it online or send it to all their friends. You can kick and scream all you want, but once the photo is in their hands, it's in their hands. And there's not a whole lot you can do. 

So whether you're thinking of sending a sexy pic to your husband of 10 years or this guy you just met, it's wise to follow some basic smart girl rules of sending nudes: 

1. Make sure you look hot AF


If it's going to get leaked, it better be good. 

2. Hide your face 


So in the awful chance that the guy you sent it to also sent it to your family and friends, you can innocently say: "Uh, that's not me." 

3. Maybe don't be totally nude


A sexy underwear pic does a lot less damage than a full-on boob. 

4. Don't send  — or at least make sure you're sending them for the right reasons


Personally, I think a sexy subtle photo and a "come hither" text will do just fine.

But if you're going to send a nude picture, make sure it's because you want to and NOT because you feel pressured to do so.