3 Ways Your Cell Phone Is The Key To The Best Sex Of Your LIFE

Keep it hot even when you're not in the same room.

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With the Pokemon Go craze in full swing, people are looking down at their phones more than ever.

If you know my writing, you'll know that I'm a huge advocate for putting your phone down and spending quality time with your partner. Airplane mode is my best friend.

But I'm not a complete luddite. Technology has paved the way for a whole new category of sexiness. There's plenty of ways for the two of you to connect when you're not in the same room. Utilizing your phone as a tool can keep that sexual buzz going all day long until the two of you can connect again on a physical level.


Here's three ways to use your phone to keep that buzz going.

1. Texting.


If you think occasional dirty talk is sexy—aka if you have a pulse—you probably love a filthy text every now and then.

There's nothing sexier than getting pinged at the office and receiving an unexpected paragraph describing what your partner wants to do to you.


Start off slow if it makes you uncomfortable. Tell them you're going to f*ck them so hard when they get home. Or tell them you can't stop thinking about something they did to you last night. Plus, it has the added bonus of making you feel kind of sneaky and secretive. Your co-workers don’t have to know why you have that mischievous smile on your face.

2. Sending sexy pics.



Sending naked pics to your long-term partner is great—especially if you know it's something they would enjoy. 

But, if you're in a newer partnership, always ask permission instead of sending unsolicited photos. You're sending them for their enjoyment, not your own.

Sexy snapshots are a great way to turn your partner on from afar ... even if afar is just from the kitchen. And keep in mind that sexy doesn't always mean naked. If you feel uncomfortable sending fully nude photos into the ether, there are plenty of poses you can send that don't require any nudity and are just as arousing. That being said ... a properly timed butt selfie—or belfie, as the kids say—is an amazing thing to receive.

3. Using Skype/Facetime.



When I was a kid, video chat was just something you saw in sci-fi movies and I remember thinking about how weird it would be to have someone watching me while I talked on the phone.

Fast forward to the future and the introduction of Skype and Facetime. You're only seconds away from face to face—or other body parts—interaction with your partner at all times. This is great for long distance relationships or even just a midday quickie.


Set up boundaries—if necessary—but otherwise, a little uninhibited online fun will keep the charge in your relationship. You don't need to spend hours at a time with one another. Even a quick call to flash them something they may be missing can keep them fantasizing about you all day long.

When you are together, put the phones away—unless you’re taking romantic selfies—but use your tech to keep that sexual energy vibrating while you're apart. As far as I know, there isn't an app for that just yet.

Sex and relationship coach Jordan Gray helps people remove their emotional blocks and maintain thriving intimate relationships. You can see more of his writing at JordanGrayConsulting.com