10 Weird Facts About The Property Brothers You Never Knew

The perfect men? We think so!

10 Weird Facts About The Property Brothers You Never Knew Debby Wong / Shutterstock

Drew and Jonathan Scott have become household names, thanks to a booming franchise on HGTV that has kept on growing since their original Property Brothers show in 2011. 

Other than the obvious (HGTV fan favorites), we know these identical twins are especially handsome. Both are exceptionally talented, with Drew specializing in real estate and Jonathan an expert in home renovations.

And their personalities? They are seriously adorable. I mean, how can you not smile at their silly “arguments” and quirky jokes?


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If you’re like us and can’t get enough of Drew and Jonathan Scott, here are a few weird facts about the Property Brothers you never knew.

1. One of the Scott Borthers was a surprise.

Their parents didn’t know they were having twins until the doctor saw Drew, soon after Jonathan was born. Although we’re not the least mad over this, talk about crazy news!


2. There's a third Scott brother.

His name is J.D., and he’s older than the twins — but just as hot! Although J.D. may not be as well-known as his brothers, he's still a very important part of their franchise and has been on-screen in many of their shows over the years.

3. Both Drew and Jonathan Scott are taken. 

Sorry if we got your hopes up, ladies, but sadly, both brothers are taken.

Drew has been married to Linda Phan since 2018, and Jonathan is currently dating actress Zooey Deschanel. They've been dating since last fall. 

Although Jonathan is now happily taken, in the past, he had turned down an invitation to be on The Bachelor — four times!


4. The Scott Brothers are multi-talented. 

The twins both have second degree black belts and have won multiple National Championships in Canada. Watch out!

5. The Scott Brothers are quite attractive, too.

Being both handsome and tall is pretty much the perfect combo. But we didn’t think they’d be standing this tall! Jonathan is 6'5", while his brother Drew stands an inch shorter at 6'4". 

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6. The Scott Brothers are building an empire ... kind of.

Along with brother J.D., the three have ventured off into producing feature-length films through Scott Brothers Entertainment. And this is separate from their above-mentioned HGTV franchise. 


7. The Property Brothers have appeared on other television shows.

Both brothers have tried their hand in acting while appearing in the Canadian series, Breaker High. Before joining HGTV, Drew was an actor and even had a small role on Smallville, and Jonathan had one on The X-Files.

8. Jonathan Scott has even done magic.

For Jonathan, we can add magician to his list of many talents. Yes, they do it all!

Jonathan has said that he’s always loved watching magicians as a kid and instantly knew how to do it all. He used to design and do all the woodworking for his own illusions.

Fun fact: If you’re in Vegas watching a magic show, there’s a good chance that Jonathan created it.


9. The Property Brothers come from Scottish nobility.

Through their mother’s side, the brothers are related to Robert the Bruce, a 14th-century ruler of Scotland.

In 2017, Drew explained, “We loved learning about our history because we would always try to relive it. We would go into the woods and find big logs and have epic sword fight battles.”

10. They now call Los Angeles home.

The brothers were born and raised in Vancouver, Canada on a horse farm. These days, the brothers live in Los Angeles, in a home in the Windsor Square neighborhood that they renovated and live in together.

Previously, they lived in Las Vegas together for many years. 


11. The Property Brothers are millionaires.

Unsurprisingly, the brothers have been able to build quite a fortune with their continued success. Their current net worth is estimated to be around $200 million.

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted in July 2016 and was updated with the latest information.