Women With These 5 Names Have The Best Luck With Men, Study Says

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Women With These Names Have The Best Luck In Online Dating

What's in a name? Turns out...a lot, actually.

Are names really that important? In some cases, yes. Your name gives you an identity. Some cultures put careful thoughts in naming their children with sentimental meanings. And apparently, your name also affects how much response you get in dating sites

Women's Health Magazine reported that the dating app The Grade decided to explore the impact of the name you choose to appear as when it comes to swiping right. Apparently, there is a major difference between showing up as "Rob" or "Robert and "Jennifer" or "Jen."

"We scoured The Grade's userbase to give you the most accurate statistics on the like-rate of nicknames versus given names," said the dating app.

For some names, it's only for one letter, but that one letter makes all the difference. For example, it turns out that "Erica" is only one letter away from receiving more right swipes than "Erika." The sames goes for "Sarah," who receives more right swipes than just "Sara." 

Some nicknames also seem to fare better than actual given names, and the same seems particularly true with men's names.

In the top five names for men, some given names get more right swipes than nicknames. For example, "Michael" is more likely to get right swipes than "Mike," but in the case of "David," going by "Dave" is the better option. "Jonathan" should also stick to their full name, rather than their nicknames, as well as "Matthew." "Richard" can get away with "Rick," but not "Ricky."

For women, the "Rebeccas" of the online dating world should avoid using their nickname "Becky," as their given name probably sounds more attractive to potential dates. And "Jennifer" is probably a mouthful for some because "Jen" gets more right swipes. "Nikki" sounds cuter than "Nicole."

Below are the top five names for both men and women:

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Is it time to change your name yet on the dating apps you use?