These Are The Most Right-Swiped Women's Names On Tinder

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These Are The Most Right-Swiped Women's Names On Tinder
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There's one thing that feels worse than not being able to find your name on those customized name gizmos at gift shops and it's probably finding out that your name didn't make Tinder's who's who's list of names — the names that guys find they're most likely to swipe right on. 

Basically, my mother's decision to give me a "unique" name has screwed me all the way over yet again.

On the bright side, I finally have clarity as to why I only get approached by weirdos when I log into apps such as Tinder. All the hot named people are probably already hooking up.  

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(But whatever! I'm actually cute and not just name cute, so ha. jokes on them!)

While I didn't make the cut, you may have so here are the top 10 most right-swiped women's names Tinder:

1. Hannah

2. Emma

3. Lauren

4. Julia

5. Emily

6. Rachel

7. Samantha

8. Katie 

9. Anna

10. Sara

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What I really read?

1. Not me


2. Not Me

3. Not Me


I guess the best part is that they also posted a list of the top 10 guys so I can know exactly who to prey on the next time I muster up enough courage to deal with the strange love dating scene that is Tinder. 

1. Lucas

2. Ryan

3. Matthew

4. Nick

5. Josh

6. Brandon

7. Justin 

8. Ben

9. Adam 

10. Andrew

So, next time you're swiping you may just want to take heed of these names. Just maybe.

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