You Can Buy A 'Circumcision Trainer' On Amazon Because WTF???

This is creepy AF.

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Circumcision is always a subject of debate. It's the parent's choice whether to have their son circumcised. There are religious, social and cultural reasons to have a child circumcised. People who follow the Jewish or Islamic faiths have been circumcising their male newborns for centuries. Many men in the United States are circumcised, but it's less common in Northern Europe and other parts of the world.


There are men who mourn the loss of their foreskin and who have foreskin restoration procedures. In other words, circumcision isn't something done lightly or without much thought. If you're a parent and want to have your infant circumcised, you're going to want a professional to do the circumcision, not somebody who is self-taught from YouTube tutorials. 

So who is the target buyer for a circumcision trainer? That's right, for approximately $200, you can purchase a small groin from Nasco to practice performing circumcisions.  

Generally, doctors and Mohel (and sometimes Mohels who are doctors) perform circumcisions in either a hospital, or if it's part of a religious ceremony, in a home. If you're in medical school, wouldn't they provide you with a dummy or something to practice circumcision so you wouldn't have to provide your own trainer?


You can get the circumcision trainer in three shades: light, dark, and medium.

From the Nasco website, "The Life Form Circumcision Trainers have been developed with the assistance from one of the top medical schools in Wisconsin, as well as medical professionals in South Africa and Indonesia. The trainers include the foreskin, glans penis, frenulum, meatus and coronal groove. These trainers are made with our soft, lifelike material, which is pliable, delicate, and realistic to the touch."

I'm not sure if the extra penis tips are included in the purchase price.


"Medical students, physicians, and other practitioners can learn, practice, and improve realistic, hands-on skills for this delicate procedure without the worry of learning on a live patient." This sounds reasonable... and then they say, "These trainers may also be used to demonstrate the procedure and practice aftercare skills to family members."

"Hey, instead of game night, let's practice our circumcisions!" You can practice circumcision in the privacy of your own home.


Perhaps you want more than just the pelvic region and some penis tips. Well, you're in luck. Also available for purchase are circumcision training kits that have all the tools you'll need.

While most circumcisions are done on infants, there can be circumcisions on older children. If that's the case, there are three additional models with a much smaller groin area to work with: pre-teen, teen, and young adult.

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If you prefer to do your shopping on Amazon, the basic circumcision trainer is available there.

The reviewers on Amazon are pretty hilarious with comments like "Makes the perfect Christmas gift for that hard-to-shop-for creepy uncle/circumfetishist," and, "Many of these reviews are talking about blood everywhere and the child going into shock. I've been circumcised 3 times and never had a bad experience." 

It's amazing that these circumcision trainers exist and that anyone can buy them on the internet. But even more amazing is that there are actually circumfetishists who get off on the idea of circumcising.


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