This Is How People Living In Those Tiny Houses Actually Have Sex

Where there's a will, there's definitely a way.

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Tiny houses are huge right now as more and more of them are popping up all over the country. By living in a small house, people are free from mortgages, competing with the neighbors, and they reduce their ecological footprint. 

In a piece for Cosmopolitan, writer Beejoli Shah answers the question on everybody's minds when it comes to the tiny house: how do people have sex

Shah writes, "Clocking in roughly 150 to 400 square feet at an average price of just $23,000, they're an affordable way to avoid getting saddled with a mortgage, making the investment particularly attractive to couples in their late 20s and early 30s. But in a domicile where space is at a premium, tiny homes can come with their own tax; namely, your sex life."


It turns out that people who live in tiny houses have sex any which way they can and as often as they can. Here are 10 ways to have sex in a tiny house. 

1. Get creative.

If you lived in a mansion, you wouldn't just have sex all the time in the bedroom — you'd mix it up. If you live in a small dwelling, you're only as limited as your imagination. 


2. Use the features of the house. 

Stairs leading up to a loft is the perfect place for doggy-style, and sure the shower is teeny tiny, but being so close together may help prevent someone from falling. Lots of times in small dwellings, things are stored away until needed. Maybe the breakfast nook might be a fun spot, or the breakfast table itself. Take advantage of any strategically placed handles to help with balance and support.

3. Keep your space uncluttered. 

Since your space is already limited, you don't want to have it full with a bunch of junk. Not only will it take up space, but it could take the focus away from your partner. 

4. Buy the right bed. 


Murphy beds are cool, but a loft bed will give you more privacy if your house has neighbors nearby. The Lotus position works great on a small bed or couch with one partner sitting on top of the other with their legs cross-legged, while the other sits with their legs slightly bent. Whoever is on the bottom will have control over the depth and intensity of penetration.

5. Make use of your limited furniture. 

If you have a chair, you can give a lap dance with a happy ending. All the penetrating partner has to do is relax and sit down. The other partner straddles them with their feet solidly on the floor to help with balance and prevent anyone tipping over.


6. Don't underestimate the importance of the ceiling.

"A fair number [of tiny home residents] claimed that the lowered ceilings in a tiny home offer excellent support to brace against for anyone riding cowgirl," says Shah.

7. Remember the great outdoors.

If you're far away from anyone else or know how to discreetly have sex so your neighbors don't freak out, sex in a hammock can be fun, or under the moon against a tree, or even on a blanket on the grass. 

8. Go back to being a teenager and use the car.

You don't have to limit yourselves to missionary just because you're having car sex. The launch pad position is a good one for a tight space. In this position, one partner lays on their back while the penetrating partner is on their knees facing them. The partner on their back lifts their legs upwards, brings them to their chest, and can rest their feet on their partner's chest if they want.


9. Treat yourself to a hotel. 

You're saving so much money by living in a tiny house, it's OK to splurge on a hotel every now and then.

10. Take advantage of how sharing a space leads to intimacy.


All photos: Cosmopolitan

Couples who live in small houses are constantly sharing things — they have no choice! So when you want to have sex, chances are good that your partner does, too. 

Sex in tiny homes is creative, enjoyable and satisfying, though there are some disadvantages.

As Shah points out, "Living room windows often offer little to no privacy, and certain positions are a foregone conclusion; you can't have stair sex if your bedroom only has a rope ladder, and nobody is getting pegged in a low-ceiling loft."