5 Women Share How They Asked Their Men To Lick Their Butts

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How five women asked for analingus.

Whether you're a fan or not of Girls, you've got to give the HBO show credit for bringing the enjoyment of having one's butt licked out of sexual taboo land and making it almost as normal as the missionary position.

If you haven't tried analingus (rimming or tossing a salad), you may be curious to try it but are unclear about how to approach your partner. Do you just say, "Hey, your tongue on my anus now," or do you just subtly try to navigate their head to your chocolate starfish?

It can be confusing to know how to get what you want sexually, but if there's something that you want to try or know that you've liked in the past with other boyfriends, then you really need to ask for it. 

In an article on Women's Health, they tackle the question you've been dying to have answered: How exactly do you ask someone to lick the booty?

First off, if you want to try analingus and your partner adamantly doesn't, don't try to force them. You'll have a greater chance of getting them to try if you have their cooperation from the start. Bring up the topic casually and help them get more open to the experience by getting them used to the idea and more comfortable with the idea. They might be more interested in doing it than you think.

"I think the best way to begin is to sit down and casually ask your partner what he thinks about sexual act X, Y, or Z," says Christie Hartman, Ph.D, and author of It's not Him, it's You: The Truth You May Not Want — but Need — to Hear. "Keep it impersonal. 'What do you think about people doing that?' not 'Would you do that?' This opens a dialogue about the issue and allows you to take his temperature, so to speak. Some guys are adventurous; some guys aren't, although many are persuadable."

After you've gauged your partner's responsiveness to the idea of trying analingus, Hartman advises saying anything along the lines of, "I've wondered about it," to "I want to try it if you're up for it."

"This whole process could take place over time, especially if it's something pretty far outside his usual repertoire," she says.

Here are five ways woman approached getting their partners to lick their buttholes.

1. I started with sexting.

"My boyfriend was out of town, and we were doing a little bit of sexting for the first time. It was really hot, and I felt like we got a little more adventurous than we normally would, because we were trying to spice things up to compensate for our not being in the same physical location.

The morning after our sexting adventure, I told him I wanted to see what analingus was all about. He was still basking in the afterglow of the night before, and he said he'd gladly 'tongue punch my fart box' — a way of describing analingus that made laugh out loud. We tried it as soon as he got home. It felt pretty good, and I returned the favor."

2. I acted on my butt curiosity. 

"I wanted to get my butt licked. It was a recent development. I probably never would have developed that desire on my own, but I kept reading about it, and I became curious. Butt curious, I guess? One night, after my boyfriend and I had had sex, I told him I wanted to maybe try it some time. Without another word, he went underneath the covers, and went after my butthole like he was leaving for war the next morning."

3. I was prepared to make my case. 

"I knew the main thing with my boyfriend would be that he'd say it was gross, which I could easily counter with, 'Well, sucking your d*ck is kind of gross, too, but we all make sacrifices for the one we love.' Then he would say that it seemed like a health risk. So I came up with a plan. I sent him a text that said, 'Tonight?' with a few cute emojis and a few links to articles about how to prepare your rear end for a tongue so that's it's clean and not unsafe."

4. I used body language.

"A lot of things you try during sex happen without actually saying that you want your partner to do it to you. Instead of asking for it, I used body language and some subtle pushing of his head to my anal area. It worked, and it's really not much different from when a guy lets you know he wants you to suck his d*ck by subtly pushing your head down to his penis."

5. I took advantage of the momentum. 

"I brought it up when my husband and I were in the middle of foreplay. I'd just gone down on him, so he was pretty excited, and I just said I wanted him to put his tongue in my ass. He went for it, probably because he didn't want to lose momentum by discussing it; that might have derailed his plans to have sex."

The key to getting a rim job is to be persistent without being aggressive. You know what works with your boyfriend and what doesn't, but you deserve to be able to try new things sexually and get what you want when having sex.

Besides, you never know if it will inspire something genius like "tongue punch my fart box."

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