5 Reasons Butt Sex Is The Best Sex Ever (Yup, We Said It)

why anal sex is good

Ever wonder why anal sex is good? Well, it all depends on if you do it right. Just like the first time you had vaginal sex, you're going to need to take it slow and ease into things. Above all, you need to make sure you are ready.

But when you get into the depth of things (so to speak), anal sex may just be your best sex EVER. Here are 5 amazing reasons why.

1. It shakes things up.

"Vaginal penetration can sometimes become monotonous, and it's enticing to take a walk on the wild side and try the other hole," says adult performer Tasha Reign. "The fact that society dubs anal sex as taboo is one of the very things that makes it so hot... During the first few times you try it, there's a certain forbidden feeling that takes hold of you like when you were younger and you fooled around in the basement with your parents upstairs. If you're not fully exploring your full body, you are missing out."

2. You orgasm in a completely different way.


"You can orgasm in a completely different way through your anus than through vaginal sex. You should experience this orgasmic sensation at least once because it's amazing. The anus is, after all, a very sensitive erogenous area," says Reign.

3. It's a great alternative for when you're on your period.

As much as you may like it the “old-fashioned” way, there are times you want other options.

“Anal sex is a great alternative when a woman is on her period, has a yeast infection, or just had a baby and can’t have vaginal sex for six weeks,” says John Wilder, a marriage, relationship and sexual coach.

4. It's a gateway to new fun.


Couples who engage in anal sex tend to be more open to kinkier requests by either partner, Wilder says. Want to try spanking? Doesn’t seem like such a jump after going anal.

5. It makes for better foreplay.

“The foreplay in anal sex can be even more pleasurable for the woman because of the multitude of intensely pleasurable nerve endings in her anus and analingus is very stimulating,” says Wilder.

So now that you know the reasons why anal sex is good, make sure you take it slow if and when you decide to try.

"Don't just dive into full-on anal," says dating expert Laurel House. "You've got to take it slow, ease in over a period of several sexcapades. Start with a finger, then two. In your next session, try a small butt plug, then stretch your skin slightly more with a bigger one. Lube up and let your guy enter you from behind, slow and steady.

Keep in mind that the anus has several chambers, and each needs to be gently eased into before pushing further into the next. Instead of doggy style, you might feel more relaxed in missionary, that way you can completely let go, kiss, experience the tenderness and eye contact connection, and have him enter your anus instead of your vagina,” says House.

You dictate how far and how fast he goes inside. Let go. Relax. If it helps, have a small vibrator against your clitoris to help enhance your relaxation response. Then allow yourself to enjoy it.