10 Trump And Hillary Tattoos That PROVE Election ‘16 Is The CRAZIEST

Photo: Instagram/spikeinkmaster and /eightfingersleft
trump hillary tattoos

This election season is INSANE. And I mean that almost literally. There have been crazy elections for the American presidency in the past, but the 2016 Election is CRAY-CRAY. We’ve still got more than four months left of this Hillary vs. Trump nonsense, and the crazy train hasn’t even left the station yet. Want proof? All you need to do is look at the unique phenomenon of people running out to get Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump tattoos.

That’s right. If you were all smugly proud of your “I Voted” sticker last November, you should know that there are people out there who want to declare that they voted either for Hillary or Trump in pictures that are etched onto their skin FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. (Or until they break down and pay for the laser tattoo removal.) Forget about getting a matching tattoo with your partner or your bestie. THIS means commitment.

This election will forever be remembered, in part, thanks to the people who decided “Hey, maybe I should get the former Secretary of State or that guy from The Apprentice tattooed onto my back.” I can’t say that I completely understand their thought processes, but, because they’re too nuts to ignore, here are ten of our favorite Trump and Hillary tattoos from Election 2016.

That’s a BIG tattoo of someone who isn’t your wife, your mother, or Wonder Woman.

Washington Post

The decision to have Trump with his eyes closed, like he’s enjoying a massage, is an odd one.


Hillary seems to approve…


The Donald isn’t going to like being covered up by that sock


Definitely colorful, but did anyone really think the wink was flattering?


The hair is unmoving and perfect.


This looks like her passport photo. Maybe something a little more dynamic next time?


I don’t think this guy is a big Apprentice fan


Looks like Hillary just won the Hamilton ticket lottery.


This person has a complicated relationship with Trump. And probably won’t be securing a desk job any time soon.