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I Oiled My Pubic Hair For A Week And This Is What Happened

Photo: Fur You
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I'm all about the bush. There is something I find so damn sexy about letting it grow a little wild. Remember when bushes were popular in the 1970s? Then all of a sudden they just kind of disappeared? I was victim to that trend once upon a time but I have since learned the beautiful, natural, wild ways of the bush.

When I found out that there was a company dedicated to pubic hair — or what they call "fur" — I was thrilled! I just knew I needed to try their products.

Fur You is the first line of products (I think EVER) that's dedicated to caring for your pubic hair. Their theory is that if we shampoo and condition our hair and moisturize the rest of our body, then why shouldn't we be lovingly taking care of our pubic hair as well?

I totally agree. This is something I had never considered before now but it makes total sense. Their Fur Oil product is formulated to use daily and claims to reduce ingrown hairs, produce healthier skin, and result in soft and supple pubic hair.

They also have a Stubble Cream for post shaving, post waxing or post laser-ing that is designed to soften stubble and clear pores for fewer ingrown hairs. As much as they love the bush, they’re non-discriminatory. Basically, they just want pubic hair to be loved in all its forms (or non-forms).

As I do not need to worry about in-grown hairs caused by hair removal, I opted to try the Fur Oil to see if it enhanced my pubic hair in any way.



The key ingredients include grape seed oil, jojoba oil, tea tree oil and clary sage seed oil. Basically, Fur Oil is made from oils that I’ve never heard of before.


Very sleek and simple. The box looks like any other fancy cream, and the bottle itself has a little dropper for ease of application. It cannot be left on your dresser for guests to admire, as it clearly states its use for pubic hair. If you want your friends to know about it, then go ahead, but otherwise it needs to unfortunately stay hidden.


Day 1

I liberally applied fur oil to my pubic hair as instructed on the bottle. Immediately, I smelled the tea tree oil component. It felt smooth to apply, but my hand was obviously covered in oil afterwards. I was a bit worried that my underwear was going to get stained from oil, so I opted for my pajama bottoms instead.

Later that night, I panicked when I felt an itch and went to go inspect for allergic reactions. Verdict: not allergic. I did, however, smell the tea tree oil for the rest of the night, but I must warn you that I have a super sense of smell.

Day 2

I woke up with already silkier pubic hair. Seriously. My boyfriend felt a difference, too! We both just kind of stroked it to see if the difference was mentally or physically there. (Yes, we stroke pubic hair. If you don't, you're missing out). I forgot to reapply during the day so I applied it right before going to bed. No itch, no bothersome smell.

Day 3

I totally forgot to use the Fur Oil. I’m not used to taking so much care of my pubes. I went all day without even thinking about it — not even after my shower, not even before bed. Just totally forgot about the little jar of oil on my dresser.

Day 4

Today is the day that I put it on right before putting on underwear to assess the staining capacity of the oil. I’m wearing really un-sexy underwear today, but it’s for science. I’m starting to like the smell of the oil. I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. 

When I came home from work and changed into my pajamas (like most normal people do at 5 PM), there was no evident oil staining on my undies. Would I risk a nicer pair? Probably not, but to my boyfriend’s dismay, I can keep my granny panties.

Day 5

I applied it before heading to bed. I think this is my new routine: shower, moisturize my body and apply oil to my pubes. I admitted to my boyfriend that I'm starting to enjoy the smell. He asked me if he should start using it, too. 

Day 6

My pubic hair is still just as silky as on day 1. I’ve had no breakouts, no rashes, no stained underwear. After my showers, the oil completely disappears. I'm starting to think that the silkiness is from the oil itself and not from the oil’s effects on my pubic hair. 

Day 7

Last day of the trial and I applied it before bed as usual. I decided that I’m not going to use it for the next few days to see what happens. Is it really just a temporary effect or did oiling my pubes for a week actually make a difference?

Day 10

Three days later, my pubes are back to normal. I think they are softer but my boyfriend tells me they are not. It’s debatable, but even if there was a texture improvement, it was very mild. 



As an advocate for wild, unruly bushes, I was hoping that this Fur Oil would actually work, and I'm surprised to say that it does while you are actively using it. The oil itself is easy to apply and does not stain underwear. It seems to have an immediate softening effect with no negative outcomes (no breakouts, rashes, etc). It does not seem to have a lasting effect.

The smell requires some getting used to and I would not recommend someone going down on you soon after the oil has been applied, because it smells pretty intensely of tea tree oil and they would get oil on their face. However, it may result in a softer, silkier beard... so actually, maybe that's a good idea. 

I would recommend Fur Oil to pubic hair lovers and to people who have some extra cash to treat their bodies with another product. 

While each application does not require a lot of oil, it is still yet another product to purchase. If you’re going to do it, make sure it is for yourself and not for the expectations of someone else.

Did I enjoy this overall experience? Absolutely. Do I plan to keep using it? Yes, but not every day. I'm saving my pube oil for special occasions. I love the idea behind Fur Oil and this product stands up to its reputation.

The Fur Oil by Fur You was reviewed by Rebecca Dane from A Couple of Kinks. Thank you to Fur You for providing us with the Fur Oil in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.