If He Doesn't Chase You When You Walk Away — Keep Walking!

And don’t you DARE look back.

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After a certain point in a relationship, you get an internal sense of whether or not this person is “the one." 

Now a lot of people tell me “when you know, you know,” and if you don’t know, well then you still kind of know, ya know? 

All tongue twisters aside, I personally have yet to experience the whole “I knew he was my soul mate within the first five minutes,” (not to say it doesn’t exist, most of my friends that are married experienced this). 


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But I have had plenty of experience with the whole “Holy eff  I better not get pregnant with this guy’s kid because there’s no way I could be around him for another 18 years.” 

And obviously, those ah-ha moments have led to breakups.

Typically initiated by yours truly. 



While the logical side of me knows the breakup is for the best and that there are better people out there suited for the both of us, the emotional side of me is a little harder to convince. 

It wants to reminisce on old times and all the qualities I love about the person.

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It wants to tell me this is the best I’ll ever get, and I should just settle.

And it wants to remind me that the person I’m with will probably just let me walk away, without putting up much of a fight. 

You both love each other in some sense. You both wish it could work. But you also both know, deep down — even if you're repressing it and trying to pretend it's not there — that you’d be much happier if you just let each other go. 



And even when we’re being good kids and listening to the logical part of our brains, there’s always going to be that tiny, sad part of us that wants this person to fight. To scream and say no. To tell us they can’t live without us and that they’ll do anything and everything to keep us together. 

We know they won’t — because they’re not the person we’re meant to be with.


But that doesn't mean we don't wish they could be. 

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So don’t feel bad if you’re currently experiencing this shitty emotion, and please God don’t mistake it for hanging on to the relationship.


Know that it’s something pretty much everyone goes through, and just like the end of your relationship, it too will pass.