These Earrings Exist In Case Ya Want To Dangle A Penis From Your Ears

Photo: Etsy

Anyone knows that if you’re looking for bachelorette gift items or even crazy décor for that special night out, tiny penis-shaped items are going to be all the rage.

Whether you’re out celebrating your best friend’s upcoming nuptials or just out on the town, there are always a myriad of penis-shaped items to accompany you for the road, from phallic lipsticks to penis-shaped candle holders, and even penis crayons so you can color on practically every surface while partying it up. (Please remember to drink and color responsibly, though!)

Ever looked at a penis and thought, “Hmm, how could I turn that into a fashion accessory that doesn’t clash with my outfit?” Well, never fear if you have, because now you can bring some cute penis earrings along and wear your danglers proudly.

Photo: Etsy

There are a couple of different options you can choose from with your earrings, from “Brown Willy” clay earrings to “rubber” earrings that come in a variety of colors, like pink, blue, red, and purple. Who knew you could get such a variety out of your teeny-peeny earring selections?

They are great for a gifts or even wearing them yourself. If you’re looking for a “nude” color option, there’s even one of those. They really can go with just about anything in your closet, but we wouldn’t recommend wearing them to a local church...

Photo: Etsy

Apart from selling tiny penises for your ear holes, the sellers who feature these items in their Etsy shops also sell a variety of other tiny versions of things. There are cherry, banana, and chili pepper earrings, along with cutesy teapots, tiny acorns, and even little polymer teapots.

But let’s face it: you’re there for the penises, first and foremost.

So go and shop, and love your handcrafted phallic earrings, because everyone knows that with some things, cute, tiny and covered in glitter is always better.  

Photo: Etsy

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