Black Ice Cream Has Arrived Because Black Is ALWAYS The New Black

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The New Trendiest Summer Treat: Black Ice Cream!

Black is usually not a very summer-y color. Sunny yellow, orange-y peach, baby blue, and lime green scream summer colors. They are soft, light, and happy colors. But black? Black is dark and suffocating. Not at all a summer-y color. 

People avoid wearing black or other dark colors in the summer because it makes them feel warmer than usual. This is because dark colors absorb white light, which is then converted to other forms of energy, such as heat.

"The darker the object, the better it emits heat, because it’s a better absorber of light."

But this black summer-y treat will not make you feel warmer. Instead, it will cool you off during a sweltering summer day. Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream, an ice cream parlor in New York City, whipped up this inky black dessert. Take a look:

Photo: Instagram

At first glance, it doesn't really look that appetizing. What flavor can black ice cream be, exactly? And how is it different from simply taking vanilla ice cream and mixing it with black dye? Well, as it turns out, there's more to this black ice cream than meets the eye.

According to Elite Daily, this isn't the first black ice cream in existence. Others have existed before made from squid ink, sesame seeds, dark chocolate, and dye. But thankfully, Morgensten's ice cream is made from none of those ingredients.

Instead, the ice cream is made from the burned and processed remains of a coconut shell. Basically, coconut ash gives the ice cream a coconut-y flavor while maintaining its ominously dark color. 

Photo: Instagram

Well, it definitely sounds more appetizing than Japan's squid ink burger, and it's definitely up there on the list of black-colored foods to try out. 

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Black is in this summer.