10 Times Instagram Poet Hugh Cofty Made You Say Damn!

He'll have you eating out of the palm his hand...

hugh cofty love quotes Hugh Cofty

Hugh Cofty knows the exact way to win a woman's heart...with poetry of course. Cofty has a fanbase of 17.9 thousand followers on Instagram. And I'm pretty sure the majority of that fan base is women. Cofty is known for his sweet and sultry poems about love and relationships. There are poems for just about anyone. Someone who is madly in love, someone who is crushing hard, and of course the heartbroken sulky folk


Cofty perfectly illustrates everything were thinking and feeling when were in love. Cofty also happens to be easy on the eyes, and quite notably a gym rat (His Twitter handle is Poetic Muscle). Did I mention he's hot?! See for yourselves, ladies and gentleman.

You can find more of Cofty’s work on Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Cofty’s Twitter. 

Here are 10 of his most swoon worthy quotes that will surely make you feel some type of way. 

1. Slowly falling in love.


"I'd live a thousand miserable lives and die just as many times, for the chance to live a single moment with you."

2. It's getting hot in here.

"Your love was a flame and I, just another burn victim of your pyromania."

3. I can't stop thinking about you.


"If I cuddle this pillow hard enough, maybe my drunk mind will start to imagine it's actually you."

4. Love conquers all

"What is to become of us? Are we simply here to live, love, and die? As long as I get to live, love, and die with you, then darling I don't mind at all."

5. Kisses heal all wounds.


"Show me the scars that he carelessly left on your heart. With one kiss at a time, I'll love and heal every broken part.

6. When feelings take control over everything.

"Without any warning, the feelings arrived like a crashing wave. The still, non-eventful waters of life became active with waves of emotion."


7. Short and simple, but so damn sexy.

"Girl, I can be the best revenge he's ever seen."

8. Some hearts can't be tamed.


"Stupid boy, hearts like hers are better left in the wild."

9. Without you, there's no more air.


"Since you said goodbye, I've forgotten how to breathe. But even worse, I've no desire to ever remember how."

10. Grey's Anatomy and Chill?

"Our hearts have both been fucked in this thing called love so let's meet in the middle. You bring the tape, and I'll bring the glue. We'll make a date; playing doctor to each other's broken heart."


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