How You Make A Fist Reveals One Really Weird Thing About Your Personality

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Fist Personality Test

Generally, one makes a fist in order to punch someone or something, but making a fist can also be used as a way to reveal your personality.

Just like your facial shape, nail shape and lip shape, all are telling things about you to people who see you.

And so does the way you clench your fist.

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Make a fist and then find the one that most resembles yours in the images below to learn what it reveals about your personality.

Fist Personality Test

Here's what the way you make a fist means.

1. The Open Heart Fist

If your fist-making-method is to ball up your fist and then rest your thumb against your index finger, then you are a very kind and giving person.

Unfortunately, because you're so generous and unselfish, you have been taken advantage of in your life.

When someone uses your openness for their own goals, just learn from the experience and move on.

This should be easy, as you're a natural student and you love learning new things and exploring new places.

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2. The Creative Person's Fist

If balling up your fist involves your thumb covering a number of your fingers, then you're a highly creative person.

While you have high self-esteem, you also have a fear of failure.

People like you and are drawn to you, so if you take risks, especially where other people are concerned, it will pay off for you.

You're outgoing and your friends love you for your honesty and intelligence.

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3. The Charmer Fist

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If you protect your thumb by placing your fingers over it while in fist-mode, you're a very funny, charming person, and people gravitate to you.

You have a zen-like attitude that no one can disturb.

You do feel sad for others and their situations and must work at not letting their problems bring you down.

You love beauty and art and seek harmony in all things.

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