SCROTUM Backpacks Are Coming Soon Because This World Is Weird

penis scrotum

Men sure do love their penis — especially their balls — and I guess find them amazingly inspiring and beautiful. First, it was taking beautiful scenic shots with their nutsacks hanging down into the frame, and now it's testicle-inspired backpacks.

The backstory of the scrotum backpack started 10 years ago when Canadian Daniel Bitton, then a film producer (now finishing up law school), asked his Hollywood prop designer friend to create a realistic scrotum backpack for a movie he was working on.

The friend came through and created an extra large ballsack backpack that weighed 15 pounds and was made with state-of-the-art materials that are startlingly true to life. 


After a single photo of Bitton waiting in line to see a show made its way online and then went viral, Bitton was flooded with people (I suspect mostly men) asking where they could get their own scrotum backpack.

Bitton then launched an Indiegogo campaign to get the Scrote Tote mass produced. His goal was to raise $33,000 so he could produce a minimum of 5,000 units.

If you donated to the campaign, you'd be eligible to purchase the backpack at a discounted rate of $69 rather than the retail price of $120. His tongue-in-cheek attitude may have turned off potential contributors when he said things like, "Our mission statement [is] to 'Make that money... and to pay for law school." Unfortunately, his campaign was unable to reach its goal.

Here's an example of some of Bitton's advertising ideas.


However, when the public wants a disgusting-looking backpack, you do what you can to satisfy their desires.

In January of this year, Bitton wrote on his Facebook page, "I'm currently in law school and I don't have time to go to the bathroom right now, nevermind organizing a revolution in scrotum apparel, so I won't be taking any major steps until this spring when school is done."

Then in April, in a response to the question where the backpack could be found, Bitton replied, "I'll be looking into it in May." So, it's sounding hopeful that the Scrote 'n' Tote will soon be available for purchase — and we can see these stomach-turning carryalls everywhere.


Ladies, don't despair because Bitton's ideas don't stop with the scrotum backpack. He envisions a whole line of genital products including the female counterparts of the Scrote 'n' Tote, such as the VagBag and Cliturese.

Until then, we'll be waiting.