This 'Secret Weapon' Can Help You Stay SANE During Your Divorce


There's no reason to go through this alone.

Here you are, facing divorce ... alone. The process is overwhelming and confusing and it feels like you're constantly treading water, desperately gasping for breath in a whirlpool of raw emotions and scary decisions. Life, as you know it, is crumbling around you and, amid this turmoil, you must keep yourself together for work, your kids, and the family.

The weight of dealing with this whole ‘divorce thing’ is crushing and talking to your lawyer about it doesn't help at all!

You’ve reluctantly been to see your lawyer, and honestly, even though you took copious notes, by the time you got home little of what he said made any sense. Maybe because you were choking back tears the entire time, barely maintaining your composure. Now you'll have to pay to talk to him again and re-hash all that legal mumbo jumbo all over again. 

It is all just too much to handle! You’re wondering to yourself:

  • ‘Am I ever going to get through this?’  
  • ‘What the heck will my life going to look like after this divorce?’
  • ‘How do I stay healthy now and get my kids through this without feeling traumatized?’
  • ‘Will my life ever feel happy and normal again?’

Well, the good news is — you actually don't have to go through this alone. 

What if you had a friend/partner to help you navigate through all of this mess AND show you how to get your 'new life' started off on a great foot?  Wouldn’t it feel so comforting to have an ally with expertise in handling all the legal matters, who is a supportive confidante, and who offers smart advice about moving on in your brand new life?  

Watch the video above to learn more about divorce coaches and why one might be exactly what you need! 

YourTango Experts Kimberly Mishkin and Liza Caldwell are founders of SAS For Women and have offered divorce support and coaching since 2012. Listen to their advice on why you should consider a coach during this time of change in your life.  If you’re intrigued and feeling a bit more hopeful after hearing them, feel free to visit their website or get in touch!