15 Big No-Doubt-About-It Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Want You Back

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15 Big No-Doubt-About-It Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Want You Back

Just because it's over doesn't mean he's over you.

Once you have a breakup, it's usually the end of the relationship, right? Well, not quite. The funny thing about exes is that there's such a thing as breakup remorse, and more often than not, guys will tend to rethink their decisions and want you back.

Though it may take months or even years before you consider getting back together, these signs often indicate that your ex will try to come back in your life once more.

1. You treated him remarkably well, but he treated you poorly.

Let's just be honest here: most people out there don't really treat their significant others very well. If you were the kind of significant other that supported him, cooked him food, and gave him gifts on the regular, it's their loss.

Once your ex sees how wonderful you were compared to others, chances are high that they will end up regretting the breakup.

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2. He broke up with you to be with someone else.

The vast majority of relationships that start off as affairs go nowhere or fail. Once that relationship doesn't actually go the way the dumper thought it would, the most common move they make is to approach the person they left in hopes they will be taken back. (By that time, you shouldn't want them back.)

3. You had a baby together or a family together.

True story: a surprisingly large amount of deadbeat dads end up trying to reconnect with their children and baby mamas years after they bailed. After a couple of years, they tend to regret bailing on their families.

However, this isn't always a happy ending. Most kids don't want to have anything to do with the father that bailed on them, and neither do the kids' moms.

4. You broke up with him because of his behavior.

This should be obvious, but if you left him because he was a jerk to you, he probably will have a moment of clarity within a matter of weeks.

5. He's been single for a long time after you split.

This is a sign that he still hasn't gotten over you or that he doesn't want to date. If he's still single for years after you two headed toward Splitsville, it's quite likely he's hoping you'll take him back.

6. He straight up told you he might want you back later.

If he said this, there may be a sliver of truth to it. However, if he was stupid enough to dump you and think you'll take him back when he's ready, he's not worth talking to post-dump.

7. He doesn't leave you alone after the breakup.

This is a sign that he will not only want you back, but that he already desperately wants to be together and no longer cares about acting cool around you.

8. You recently got into a better place — financially, aesthetically, or socially.

It's gotta suck when a guy realizes what he could have been with if he would have stuck around. Unfortunately for them, by the time they realize what they lost, it's often too late to rekindle that spark.

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9. It's a pattern.

If the two of you are regularly "on again, off again" as a couple, it's probably just him going through the cycles again.

10. His family really, truly liked you more than his other exes.

This is actually one of those indicators that can both push him away from dating you, and push him toward it. It all depends on how highly he regards his family's opinions, and whether he's the type to rebel against them.

If he really holds his family in high esteem, he might actually listen to their advice about you.

11. He's been acting out ever since the breakup.

If he's been pulling crazy stunts, desperately trying to show off, or has been trying to bed every single person in his path, he's trying to cover up that he's devastated. It's his way of begging for attention.

12. He keeps putting off the day when he gets his things back.

A good rule of thumb is that it's only really over when he picks up his own stuff. He's putting it off so he can have an excuse to talk to you later, or because he feels you two will end up together again.

13. He recently took a major blow in life.

Did he recently lose his job? Did someone close to him pass away? Events like this tend to put things into perspective, specifically when it comes to the big picture.

If his best times were with you, or if he bolted because he didn't want to commit back then, a major life blow might make him think twice about his decision. Of course, he might also see you as a safety net, so think twice before you take him back.

14. You keep running into him.

This is a huge world. Chances are he's orchestrating these "happenstance" meetups, and that he wants you back sooner rather than later.

15. He won't stop talking about you.

If you're on his mind, he'll talk about you. It's just that simple.

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