This GIANT Oreo Cookie Cake Belongs In Our Tummy, Like, Right Now

Photo: YouTube
giant oreo cake

We’re American, so we all know the only thing better than having something we love is having a GIANT version of it.

Plus, who doesn’t love Oreo anything? They’re the one company that has proven they can take any mixture of weird food combinations and still manage to make it drool-worthy.

But there's something so mouth-watering about the Oreo original recipe that makes it perfect for making a cake out of it.


There have been a lot of “giant” foods over the years, but this Oreo design is simple, delicious, and super-easy to make. You could even say it “takes the cake” (hah).

There are two layers of mouth-watering chocolate “cookies,” with a wondrous, fluffy layer of “cream” frosting in the center, made with actual bits of Oreo cookies folded right into it.



All you need for this amazing cake is two “cookie” shaped sheets to bake the cake in. And regular baking items along with your ingredients, of course.


You should also plan to buy two boxes of Oreos for when you or your family inevitably eat the first one before you even make the cake.

Check out the rest of the steps to make this recipe. And then head over to Mosogourmet’s YouTube page to see the complete recipe so you can make it yourself.