Got A Sweeth Tooth? 4 Guilt-Free Desserts For Date Night

dessert for two
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Dig into luscious plates of fruits, yogurt and more!

As someone with an undeniable sweet tooth (passed down to me from my indulgent father — thanks, Dad!) as well as a strong desire to maintain a certain level of fitness and physique, I'm often torn with whether or not to skip dessert. In restaurants, I almost never deny my cravings, but at home, I try not to stock the pantry with junk food. On the other hand, if I bake a cake or brownies or cookies, I can assure you, they are not getting ignored.

Recently, my partner, who is attempting to get back to the shape he was in before he turned forty has politely asked me to stop keeping tempting treats around the house, even though it could be argued that his sweet tooth outranks mine any day of the week. In an effort to please us both, I went in search of easy healthy dessert recipes and was delighted to discover several seasonal ones that got the job done in satisfying our need for the sugary finish to a good meal without screwing up our calorie counts.

Click through the slideshow for four super delicious and healthy dessert ideas that your whole family will love. The only danger in these treats lies in making them last more than a day!

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