Bacon-Fried Oreos EXIST And You've Got To See This Insanity

Photo: ohbiteit
Bacon-fried Oreos.

OMG on so many levels.

Bacon makes everything better, but can you improve on perfection? The answer is YES. Amy over at Ohbiteit has come up with the world's best bite: bacon-fried oreos. 

What's not to love? Bacon-fried oreos are salty, sweet and bacon-y, and would make the perfect treat to bring to a potluck. 

1. They're easy to make and only need three ingredients: bacon, Oreos, and canola oil.

2. Wrap each Oreo with one slice of bacon, making sure to cover as much area of the cookie as possible.

Once the cookie is bacon-wrapped, secure the bacon to the cookie by gently inserting a toothpick through the end into the creamy center of the cookie.

Here's how they should look before their oil bath.

3. Fry a few at a time, being careful not to overcrowd. Once the bacon is crispy brown, they're done.

This is the finished product. Be careful, they're hot!

They're best served warm, but not piping hot. 

Every chef needs to taste their culinary masterpieces, so you definitely need to taste one before serving. Try not to eat the whole batch. For the next big game, awards show, gathering, or house-warming party, bring a platter of bacon-fried Oreos — but don't count on any leftovers.