Dear Girl Wearing Lace Panties On My Husband's Computer Screen

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Let my husband have some time off. There are people in the real world who still need him.

Dear Girl In The Lace Panties With The Tight ass,

You don't know me but my husband does. In fact, he spends almost all of his time with you.

And because of all the time my husband spends with you, it means he doesn't have time for his family. If it only affected us, I may not have picked up the pen. But it goes further than that — I've recently found out he hasn't even had time to go to work. 

Without his income, I cannot buy any food. That means my children go to bed hungry, through no fault of their own. They also go to bed without a story or goodnight kiss because my husband feels like it's "yucky" to kiss his own children.

I assume you don't have children of your own yet because your body looks like you're barely out of high school. But I do assume you have a mother of your own, and maybe that fact will help you understand my plight and why I had to reach out to you.

I'm not hating on you or asking you to quit your job. I am fully aware we all have to make money.

What I am asking is to tell my husband, enough is enough. Tell him to close the screen, go home, see his kids, and buy some food. And if I haven't asked too much of you already, could you please remind him to pay the electric bill so that I can give my kids a warm bath.

Listen, sweetie, I understand you need attention, too, and from the looks of our nation, you have plenty of men ready and willing to fill your request. All I am asking is: Let my husband have some time off. There are people in the real world who still need him.

I know you're busy and time is money (so my husband says), so I'll close this letter to you.

I wish you well and hope you find a husband of your own someday. Because maybe then I can have mine back.

Yours without choice,

The Wife of the Porn Addict who Sows his Seed While Watching You