60 Little Understated Ways To Show How Much You REALLY Love Somebody

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60 Little Ways To Show You Really Love Somebody

"I love you." Eight letters, three words, a million meanings. The word love gets thrown around so often. People say it when they don't mean it. They use it to describe things they in no way actually love, they get it mixed up with feelings of infatuation, or they just say it because the person they're conversing with says it first.

Love should not be a limited feeling, but being in love with someone should be a special thing and it should have a special meaning.

Love shouldn't only be what you say at the end of a phone call because it's routine. Love shouldn't be constantly embedded in a text. Love shouldn't just buy you presents because you want them. Love shouldn't just be words; it should be actions.

Love should be showing up. Love should be:

1. Starting your car for you in the cold

2. Sleeping next to you at night

3. Helping you carry groceries in

4. Sharing your phone charger when theirs is broke

5. Taking care of you when you're sick

6. Holding your hand in the car


7. Singing off key with you

8. Leaving random love notes

9. Encouraging you to be the best you can be

10. Supporting your hobbies

11. Surprising you

12. Eating breakfast with you in the morning

13. Reminding you of your parent's birthdays

14. Bringing you coffee to work


15. Picking up movies to watch together at night

16. Staying in on a weekend when you're sick

17. Attending events you don't want to actually be at but doing it for the other person

18. Listening to you

19. Letting you pick dinner

20. Remembering the little things

21. Not acting different, regardless of who's around

22. Helping you through problems

23. Giving you advice


24. Carrying your extra bags

25. The first voice you hear in the morning

26. And the last voice you hear at night

27. Making you smile

28. Making you feel safe

29. Wiping your tears

30. Holding you in their arms

31. Opening the car door for you


32. Keeping little mementos of things you've done

33. Finding beauty in the small things

34. Stroking your fingers while holding your hand

35. Kissing your forehead

36. Having patience

37. Wrapping their arms around your waist

38. Dancing with you


39. Treating your friends like family

40. Being optimistic through hard times

41. Having a positive mindset

42. Showing generosity

43. Speaking kindly to you

44. Being gentle with you

45. Cuddling with you on the couch


46. Never giving up on you when things get tough

47. Standing up for you

48. Showing how much you love them, instead of only saying it

49. Believing in you

50. Laughing at your jokes

51. Never taking you for granted


52. Inspiring your dreams

53. Forgiving you

54. Holding the door open

55. Pushing in your chair

56. Comforting you

57. Willing to take risks

58. Being faithful to you

59. Loving you at your best


60. And loving you at your worst


This article was originally published at Thought Catalog. Reprinted with permission from the author.