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15 Heart-Exploding Love Quotes (Straight From The Streets Of LA)

Photo: @official_morley
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It's not often that you stop dead in your tracks while walking down a city street and find yourself unable to move, staring at a piece of art plastered to the side of a building or a bus bench. 

It happens when the art is by Morley, an LA-based artist who wheat pastes simple, but shockingly profound, little phrases all around town. These are quotes about love that sound like the exact way you feel. Morley explained how that was sort of the point.

"I think that one of the best feelings in the world is the sense of relief you can have in knowing that you’re not alone in how you feel. Whether that feeling is one of soaring joy or crushing heartbreak- knowing that someone else has felt what you felt and been able to put it into words, or a melody, or an image- or any other method of expression- it’s like speaking a foreign language and finally finding the perfect translator."

This is art for people who want their romance served straight-up.

Morley's work isn't designed to push buttons or go viral, though. "When I started doing what I do," he told me, "one of the biggest selling points to me was that I wasn’t asking for a reaction. I could put up a piece and just assume the best. Putting up art without permission meant not having to face the rejection that any artist looking for an audience has to experience on a daily basis."

Each one of these posters reminds us of another virtue of love. Here are fifteen of our favorites. 

1. Hopeful


"Let's fall in love like both our parents aren't divorced"

2. Eternal


"My coffin will be a rowboat back to you."

3. Awe-inspiring 


"And all at once there was you"

4. Cute


"The day I met you it felt like everything flipped to the cool side of the pillow"

5. Unique


"The truest love will always discover us amongst the crowd"

6. Funny


"You and I are like these headphones from my pocket ... forever entangled"

7. Powerful


"I hear you. I see you. I'm with you."

8. Heroic


"Let my arms be your armor"

9. Deep


"It was only in the light of your words that I could finally see how ravishing you really are"

10. Beautiful


"and her eyes were like the very edge of the world"

11. Determined


"You give me something to fight for"

12. Classic


"You are the spring to the winter of my discontent"

13. Dreamy


"I never get tired of falling asleep with you"

14. Offbeat


"Our song has always been a little out of tune"

15. Vibrant 


"You make it all come alive"


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