My Fiancé Won't Go Down On Me Because Of How My Vagina Smells

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I Have A Sweaty Vagina

On a random Tuesday night, out of the blue, I got horny. My fiancé was in the other room, so I walked my fine ass over to him and started stroking his dick. 

He stopped what he was doing and gave me a look. Yes, ladies, you know "the look" he gives you when he wants you. After I gave him a blow job, he proceeded to start to go down on me to return the favor — but I stopped him because I was afraid of what was coming.

As soon as I opened my legs to get things going, I smelled it. He looked at me and cringed. It's safe to say he didn't go down on me that night.


Yes, I have a sweaty vagina. And unfortunately, doing even the most mundane activities  walking, working or doing laundry  makes me smelly down there. Whenever I'm in the mood, I have to make sure everything's fresh and good in my vaginal region or else he won't go near there. And you know what? I don't blame him.

After smelling myself time and time again, I wouldn't want to venture down there either. There have been times where his dick hasn't tasted so good, but it's not like you could smell the odor coming from it. And before you judge and say, "Why don't you go get that checked out?" trust me: last year alone I went to the gyno about three times.

My first appointment was because I had abnormal discharge and was given pills that were supposed to get rid of the odor as well as the random discharge. The second time was for the same reason but the third was a follow-up to see if everything was OK. She told me everything looked normal down there. She then went on to tell me that I have a narrow vagina and sent me to see a physical therapist for that separate problem. 

But clearly, everything's not OK because I still have a sweaty and smelly vagina, as well as nasty, abnormal discharge.

I thought I had taken care of this issue by purchasing vagina wipes meant to ensure I stayed nice and fresh but they didn't seem to do too much, so I stopped using them. 

I told my fiancé to avoid my vagina because of its odor and, honestly, it's really embarrassing. Can you imagine if I was hooking up with some random dude and he smelled me? Mortifying. I'm glad to know the one who smells it is going to be mine forever but it still sucks.

When I tell him to pleasure me in the shower, he's always hesitant — and I don't blame him. I'd feel the same way if it was the other way around.

I couldn't continue to live like this, so I made yet another appointment with my gyno.

On this visit, she confirmed I have a bacterial infection, which explains the odor and oozing white liquid. She prescribed an antibiotic that I have to take for a week. She also said it might take two rounds for the medication to fully work.

Here's another thing the nurse told me over the phone: "Your partner needs to take the antibiotics as well." I asked why, and they told me as a precaution and the fact that we've been passing it back and forth to each other. I thought it was absolutely absurd, considering we've always used a condom, but the nurse insisted, so I listened.

This was when I immediately began to panic because, well... what if he didn't want to take them? I went home and told him, preparing for a fight. To my surprise, he was OK with taking the antibiotics, so we've started. 

It's been about 4 days and well, unfortunately, I haven't seen much of an improvement but I'm trying to stay positive and hope for the best. The nurse told me I might need another dose to ensure the odor goes away entirely and I'm hoping I never have to go through this again. Taking medicine sucks and not being able to have sex is even worse.