What It's REALLY Like To Have A Tiny, Super-Narrow Vagina

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I Have A Narrow Vagina

"It's gone limp and I can't get it in," said my fiancé. He was talking about his dick going into my vagina. I told him if we didn't finish, I'd be disappointed, so we kept trying. I tried to help him get it erect again so we could start over but it didn't work because my vagina was not having it.

This wasn't the first time my super-narrow vagina failed me and it's probably not the last, either.

A few months ago when I was at the gynecologist, I told her sex hurt sometimes — but I didn't know why. The pain started right when he put his penis inside of me and it felt like a shock running in and out of my vagina, which made me jump like there's no tomorrow. It continued for at least a minute, but after that, the pain would subside.

"You have a narrow vagina, so when a penis goes inside of you, it hurts," my gyno explained. BOOM. Mystery solved.

Since up until this point, I've only had sex with one guy (and have never inserted a tampon or dildo), the pain made sense. She recommended I see a physical therapist who specialized in vagina therapy.

A week later, I met Bunny, an energetic, peppy physical therapist. A vagina physical therapist. On our first meeting, she reassured me that tons of girls have the same problem as I do.

She then proceeded to tell me she was going to put on a lubed-up glove and insert her fingers up my vagina to "stretch it out." My first thought was, "Ewww, what?" Honestly, I wasn't totally comfortable with a woman putting a finger up there because, well, it's weird. But I went with it.

The experience was uncomfortable, awkward and odd. First, she asked about what positions we've done, how long we've been having sex, and if he was my first. Yeah, she was a therapist but it still felt weird sharing very personal information with a total stranger.

Then she put the glove on and inserted her fingers up me. All the while, she talked about how her sister-in-law almost got raped. (Um...things I didn't want to hear about that while she had her fingers up my cooch.) She moved her pointer finger round to "stretch it out," which made me cringe every time she went deeper.

Eventually, I had to inch my butt up in the air because it was so damn uncomfortable and I felt the same shooting pain I felt when my fiancé inserted his penis inside of me. Bunny occasionally asked me how I was doing and talked about random stuff, which was super-annoying. I wanted silence. 

Since then, I've had about two months worth of sessions and it's gotten easier. I've also started using a vibrator, which helps to stretch me out.

At our last session, Bunny told me I should be good to go in about a month — and so far, it's been working. I don't feel nearly as much pain when my fiancé and I have sex. I just hope it remains this way. (Plus, I eventually want to deliver a child out of my vagina, not out of my stomach!)