5 Things Wives Need From Their Husbands Every. Single. Day

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What A Wife Needs In A Marriage From Their Husbands

One of the most important aspects of marriage is understanding your spouse's needs and how to fulfill them.

But do you know what a wife needs in a marriage, in particular? Luckily, we're here to help spouses struggling to figure it out.

For instance, communication is a huge need, but how often should you communicate? What should it look like? Even sex is an important need, but how often should you make love?

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There are so many things that go into making a marriage worthwhile for both partners. But we have a few insights for those spouses who aren't quite sure how to satisfy their partner's needs in any aspect of their relationship.

If you implement these tips into your relationship, you will quickly find that your wife will be more fulfilled, and happier and, in turn, you will be content in your marriage as well.

Each person is different, so this list may not apply to all wives. But after extensive research, I'm convinced the following "needs" represent the daily desires of most women.

What a wife needs in a marriage:

1. She needs to feel loved.

A husband communicates love for his wife both by his words and his actions.

A husband should tell his wife daily (multiple times) that he loves her, but those words should be affirmed by the tenderness and thoughtfulness of his actions.

2. She needs to feel beautiful.

Whether a woman is dressed up to go out or hanging around the house in an old t-shirt, she needs to feel beautiful in her husband's eyes. 

A husband fulfills this need by telling her she's beautiful, flirting with her, showing affection, and also by having eyes only for her.

A man can't gawk at every woman passing by or on TV and then be believable in telling his wife he has eyes only for her.

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3. She needs to be held.

A woman's need for physical affection is a daily desire.

This can be met through hugs and caresses throughout the day, as well as the husband giving a shoulder/back/foot massage at the day's end. 

Those touches meet a physical and an emotional need. This can include sexual intimacy, but women tend to have a greater need for physical touch outside the bedroom than men.

4. She needs communication.

A woman's need for communication is usually just as strong as the typical man's need for sex.

Communication should happen throughout the day, including at least one conversation per day that's without any interruptions (no kids, phones, electronics).

5. She needs thoughtfulness.

When a man is thoughtful, it simultaneously communicates love, concern, appreciation, and respect for his wife.

Thoughtfulness isn't just for romantic holidays; it's a daily need and a vital ingredient for a healthy, happy marriage.

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Dave Willis is a pastor, writer, podcaster. He and his wife Ashley are speakers for MarriageToday, and co-creators of multiple marriage-based books, events, and resources.

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