Kate Beckinsale's Getting Divorced! 5 Shocking Things You MUST Know

Photo: weheartit

Here's the whole story about their seperation.

Kate Beckinsale and Len Wiseman officially announced their impending divorce this past Friday, and the information is pouring out in waterfalls.

1. They were married for 11 years.

The pair first got together in 2003 when director Len Wiseman cast Beckinsale to be the lead in his next movie, Underworld. Wiseman says he sat down to draw a sketch of the ideal woman to play her character and unknowingly drew Beckinsale. The drawing also happened to be, as he described, the woman of his dreams.

2. When they first met, each were in long-term relationships.

Beckinsale had been with Michael Sheen for 8 years, and Wiseman was married to a woman named Dana. Dana was quoted saying, "They are saying their relationship started in January 2003 after we separated, but that is simply not true. Some girls know how to treat other woman and some don't," after her separation with Wiseman.

3. Wiseman was recently spotted with a 24-year-old model.

Wiseman and model, CJ Franco, were seen hanging out at a nightclub. And they left together at 2 AM. I'm not saying this absolutely means there was cheating involved, but come one! Wiseman doesn't exactly have the best track history with being faithful.

4. They've been separated for months.

He was recently spotted without a wedding ring at a coffee shop this past Friday. Was the body even cold yet?

5. The separation was cordial.

According to People Magazine, Beckinsale and Wiseman have no drama at this time. That same source also reported that the couple still spends time together in L.A., and simply grew apart after having two very different and very complicated schedules.