Life Hack: If You Know You Can Do Better, Then DO BETTER

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do better

We all f*ck up and relationships are no exception. In life, we typically learn from our mistakes and are better equipped to succeed in the future where we failed in the past.

Again, relationships are no exception ... at least they shouldn't be. But we've all been in ones with that person who promises that they're going to change this time, but never do. Or at best, the change is temporary and then they go right back to making the same mistakes over and over again.

How terrible is it to be in a relationship with that person? To constantly give them the benefit of the doubt and trust that they'll improve, until you realize it's never going to happen and leave?

That's why you should never be that person. Not only are they the literally worst, but they could very well be sabotaging their chance with "the one."

You shouldn't just strive to do better  you should strive to be 100 percent your best in every relationship. Imagine if you missed out on the love of your life because you couldn't be bothered to try as hard as you can.

You never know which relationship could be your happily ever after, so you should always give your all until proven otherwise.

They say that when you truly love someone, you want to be the best possible version of you. And maybe if you don't feel motivated to do better, it's a sign that the other person isn't your true love.


It's never easy to give more energy and effort to another person. Finding "the one" doesn't magically make self-improvement easy. The only difference is that "doing better" for someone you really love feels worth it in the end. But you won't know until you actually do better.

If you don't feel like the other person is worth that effort, fair enough. Maybe it's time to examine your relationship and if you should continue to have one. But I'd rather be a better boyfriend and learn it wasn't meant to be, than be a crappy one and realize I wasted my chance at someone amazing.