Why A$$holes Like Gavin Rossdale Get Away With Screwing The Nanny

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Gavin Rossdale Nanny Affair

The truth about men like Gavin Rossdale.

Since the beginning of time men have been cheating on women — no matter how accomplished we are in our careers, looks, or the bedroom.

But, it takes a special kind of guy to begin an adulterous relationship with the nanny. And the thing is — this man is more common than not; banging the help is an everlasting and increasingly pathetic epidemic.

It didn't just start with Arnold Schwarzenegger and it certainly won't end with the likes of Gavin Rossdale (the latest of the bunch to commit this treacherous form of betrayal). Yes! Gwen Stefani's late husband of 13 years was reportedly screwing their longtime nanny for three years. 

Sure, we can say what we will about him, call him scum, and come to Stefani's rescue ... but it won't change anything. Not until we change our attitude on cheating and our preferred method of safeguarding our marriages from the possibility of it. 

Because, it's, both, comical and insulting to suggest that women should carefully select their nanny — being sure not to select the most supple and youthful looking thing. Why, instead, is it too hard to for men to keep it in their pants and maintain a certain level of profession? Why do we play into this long time notion, that men truly only think with their penis? Only further perpetuating the slinging of utter bullsh*t.

Therefore, allowing men to grow bolder and grimier than ever before. You see, Rossdale was comfortable having this affair in his own home or as a source put it, "... done right under Gwen's nose." He felt comfortable and entitled enough that he didn't even feel it was necessary to hole his mistress up in a scabby motel. 

There are hundreds of other women in the world, sadly swooning over the charms of these men and yet, they'd rather lay up with the one woman who interacts on a daily basis with their wife, a woman she entrusted to bring balance to your lives and instead received more chaos. Most importantly, a woman who has as little respect for herself as these men do for their wives — virtually none!

And, it's a result of the mindset so many women have adopted when it comes to cheating — the attitude that society has adopted. The ideal that it's women who must adapt and take preventative measures to possible adultery, instead of placing more responsibility on men to honor their vows and have the decency to simply respect their family and home.

Sadly, because of this it won't be the man full of regret and sorrow, but I assure you there will be tons of self loathing from the wife; as if they should've known not to invite this woman into their home. As if she should've enforced a stricter recruiting policy when scouting out a potential nanny. But, that's not our job, nor do we have time to babysit the babysitter (hints her employment) and it's wrong to place the pressure of this role on us, to do just that.