7 Reasons We're Actually HAPPY Kermit And Miss Piggy Called It Quits

Photo: weheartit
Kermit and Piggy End

It was a long time coming, TBH.

1. Miss Piggy has always been a flirt.

Maybe this was more than just a personality trait and actually a sign of Miss Piggy craving more in a relationship. Or maybe she was trying to break Kermit's usual calm-facade and make him jealous.

Either way, this pattern was certainly a sign of something lacking between the two.

2. And Kermit isn't so innocent, either.

I think we all remember when Lady Gaga walked in with Kermit at the 2009 VMA's and smooched. An innocent kiss, or the makings of an affair?

With both of the Muppets going off to cuddle up with other celebrities, it's pretty safe to say that they both craved more in their relationship. It's a good thing Piggy and Kermit got out of it before things went too far!

3. They're practically opposites.

Some people say that opposites attract. But with Piggy's love for all things glamorous and sparkly in the spotlight, and Kermit's more laid back, drama-free approach, it's easy to see that tolerating each other's interests could only go so far.

They had to spend so much time apart to do what they loved doing the most! It would be wise for them to find someone with more shared interests, whom they could relate to more.

4. Miss Piggy had a violent streak.

Kermit is a resilient frog, but no one should tolerate such abuse!

While we can admire Miss Piggy's strength and assertiveness, maybe it'd be best if she found someone who didn't drive her to her breaking point so often. Someone who can keep her calm, support her dreams and help her reach a place of peace.

5. And Kermit had a temper.

Kermit has snapped on camera more than once.

I still haven't forgotten the verbal abuse towards Cookie Monster that occurred on Sesame Street way back in the day. Kermit brought Cookie Monster to tears by calling him a "big, fat, stupid rotten monster" and using other many other hurtful words. And that was just from Cookie Monster eating a smiling cookie! 

Kermit also had it within his power to bring Piggy to tears with his harsh words. From the Muppets Show broadcasting to the popular Great Muppet Caper, it's clear that Kermit had a breaking point (often triggered by Miss Piggy) as well.

6. They fought ALL THE TIME!

If there's one thing Kermit and Miss Piggy showed us over the years, it's that love isn't always perfect. In fact, they showed this side of relationships a lot ... Maybe too much. A Muppets movie wasn't complete without seeing a tussle or two between the famous duo.

But fighting can get exhausting, and everyone needs a break, or in this case, a breakup

7. They had a good run.

Despite all of this, it's still very clear that they truly loved each other. For years, they've given everything for each other, as we got to see in films like the ever-popular Muppet's Treasure Island

They held out for about 40 years in this blissfully up and crazily down relationship, but time doesn't always make relationships stronger. We all watched them love and hate each other for decades, and from what it looks like, they still have unromantic love between them.

Sometimes reverting to friendship is a good thing, as it can leave room to move on to better things.