BEFORE & AFTER: How Your Brain WISHES You Looked

Photo: Scott Chasserot

How do you see yourself? That's what photographer Scott Chasserot wanted to find out when he created his Original/Ideal project.

Chasserot, launched a "crowdfunding campaign," in which pictures of participants' faces were placed next to pictures of what their brain found to be their ideal face.

"To create the images, Chasserot first takes portraits of each subject. Then, he creates a separate series of images from the original photo in which each participant's photo is altered slightly, feature by feature. From there, the subject is shown each picture in the new series while wearing a brain-monitoring electroencephalogram (EEG) device." 

This project actually found a reoccurrence in the way people wanted to be seen, and we have them here:

1. Bigger eyes and fuller eyebrows.

Photo: Scott Chasserot
All about the eyes

2. A contoured, pouty face.

Photo: Scott Chasserot
Well defined features

3. A skinnier nose and arched brows.

Photo: Scott Chasserot
Narrowed nose

4. A perfectly symmetrical face.

Photo: Scott Chasserot