Doing THIS Will Keep Your Love Strong (Despite Your Differences)

Love brings two people together in mysterious ways. Sometimes, you're so different that you don't understand it — you just click.

Opposites are often the BEST complements, no matter how different the two people are. 

But even though your dynamic makes sense to you at the beginning of your relationship, that can all change later on. Your partner's personality might not coordinate with your current needs, which can completely throw off your connection. 

Do you feel like your differences are throwing off your love connection? In the video above, SVP of YourTango Experts and host Melanie Gorman, certified divorce coach Kimberly Mishkin, holistic medium practitioner, author and creator of Living the Spiral program Cathleen Miller, behavioral analyst Steven Sisler and biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher have some great tips to maintain your quirky relationship. 

Here's what they say will keep your love alive and in sync: 

1. Know Who You Are 

Get to know yourself and understand what type of personality you have. Later, share that with your partner so you understand each other's needs and can work towards meeting those needs together.

2. Respect Your Differences

Understand that your partner isn't like you in many ways. Don't push your him/her to live life the same way you do. Respect that your partner is different and enjoy your life together with those differences.

"You know, the issue is we don't see people as they are," explains Steven Sisler in the video above. "We see them as we are. That creates the difficulty. So, we have to see them as they are, and ... respect the difference and realize they're not doing that because they're trying to annoy me. That's just how they're wired. And so when we understand that, it's OK."

Want more love maintenance tips? Watch the YourTango Experts video above!