Years in Practice

6-10 years


New York NY 10128 - United States


CDC, CPC, MA, Other

Additional Expertise

Divorce Recovery Coach, Life Coach, Mentor, Personal Development Coach, Speaker/Presenter, YourTango Expert Partner

I Practice in

Multiple states/provinces, please inquire



I Believe

You've heard the Devil is in the details? Well, WE live and work by the maxim of Gloria Steinem: "The Goddess is in your connections."

About Liza Caldwell

Educator and Divorce Recovery Coach, Liza Caldwell is the Cofounder of SAS for Women®, a stand-alone action resource that, since 2012, provides strategic coaching, a specialized education, and emotional support for women thinking about divorce or seeking to navigate and thrive beyond their divorce story.

We help you actualize the courage and compassion you need to do the right thing for you and your family.

For, right now, you are probably struggling. How else would you explain having stumbled upon this page but for a rendez-vous with your Midnight Lover, Monsieur Google? You are looking for answers in the dark, hoping that you will never have to truly face this subject in the bright of day.

But something is wrong in your marriage, your relationship, your committed situation; and you keep wondering.

If you connect with us, you will come to understand where you are on this emotional journey of divorce, separation or maybe, it’s a time out. You’ll learn the things that must be done so you care for yourself, gain perspective, and also forgive yourself. You will learn what to expect and how best be prepared. And if you let us, we will help you build your brightest next chapter.

SAS, which stands for “support and solutions” (not just “talk) helps you tackle everything you are confronting: the legal, the financial, the logistical, and the emotional tests and threats you face today and tomorrow. We help you organize, prioritize and strategize. We help you learn ... 


We work with women across the country, and increasingly across the globe. We educate you on the black and white particulars of your situation and coach you through the upside-downs so you begin the most important and empowering process ... how to heal and get back in touch with you, your confidence, and who you really are underneath all the layers and sediment.

A client describes our work:

"The process of going through a separation or divorce is so complex from all aspects: psychologically, financially, logistically, the impact on kids and so much more.  I had gone to many therapists, done meditation and tried many things to keep the peace and perspective to make the right decision for myself and for my family.  It is a very hard process and Liza was able to take me on what I can call a “journey” that was finally not cyclical but clearly one that helped me decide the next steps I had to take in my life, in my marriage, in my career, with my friends (or “tribe” as Liza describes it) and with my kids and finally move on. SAS for Women helps you look at your complete inner and outer life so that your choices are connected to the things that are truly important. You need someone who can listen, guide you and remind you where you were and where you should go based on clear choices you make together.  SAS also has a practical way to introduce you to other people who can help you throughout the process (i.e., financial advisors, lawyers, people who can help your children and so on).  I have recommended SAS for Women and would again because what they were able to do for me was life changing. I am not through the process yet but I am amazed at the clarity and strength I have thanks to this process." ~ A.L.

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