The Internet Says She's A Terrible Mom For Doing THIS. We Disagree.

Photo: colleyswobbles
Internet Says She's A Bad Mom For Breastfeeding After Tan

When Gemma Colley posted a picture of her son on Facebook, she certainly didn't think it would go viral.

She also didn't think she'd get horrible comments about how she's the worst mom in the world, or how she shouldn't be allowed to be a parent.

What terrible thing did she do to her child in order to such venomous rage thrown at her?

Oh, yeah. She got a spray tan ... and some of the tan rubbed of on her son while she was breastfeeding. Here's the damning evidence of her epic parenting fail (as she called it):

Photo: Facebook

Yep that's it. Gemma took 20 minutes out of her day to get a spray tan, and because she sometimes has mommy brain (she has a baby and a two-and-a-half-year-old), she breastfed her baby less than five hours after getting the tan, giving him orange five o'clock shadow.

Are there things she could've done to prevent transferring the tan to the baby? Yes. She could've expressed enough milk to last until the tan had set, and/or she could have put a dry wash cloth where the baby's cheek would lay.

If she'd been thinking about it, I'm sure she would have. Gemma Colley made a simple mistake which all of us, do on occasion. She wasn't intentionally trying to poison her son.  

Parenting is difficult and challenging, as Colley points on on her blog, Colley's Wobbles.

"We're all just trying our very hardest to mold the best human beings we can, although with that great responsibility also comes poo-bombs, puke, pee fountains, crying babies the moment you go into a deep sleep, and toddlers whining about not having their favorite fire engine toy at 6AM (thanks son number 1). And that's only a small percentage of things a parent has to experience."

Why don't we give her a break, haters? She's doing the best job she can without losing it every day. Besides, it's looks like her son is doing just fine:

Photo: Twitter/colleyswobbles