Here's Why EVERYONE Has A Bit Of An Androgynous Nature (Yes, Really)

Let's face it, no one is simply feminine or masculine anymore. We love who we love, and gone are the days where gender was used to divide a society into males and females. Today, we all have this androgynous nature that gives us the ability to thrive in and adapt to our modern culture and civilization.

However, it's important to note that there must be a balance within our androgynous nature in order to stay physically and psychologically healthy — especially when we're stressed.

"Under stress women will tend to go to their masculine side. And under stress men tend to go to their female side," explains John Gray in the video above. 

Not sure how to balance it all? In the video above, author and host Charles J. Orlando, author John Gray, counselor/therapist Kelly P. Crossing, life coach Barbara Schiffman and hypnotherapist Laura Rubenstein discuss some great ways to balance your androgynous nature and minimize stress:

1. Do Things That Make You Happy 

Women and men have different ways of physically reacting to stressful situations.

For women, explains John Gray, "When you're [happy] — when you're being loving — the hormone oxytocin is lowering your stress, and [testosterone] is being produced. And while that's not a harmful hormone, it doesn't lower your stress."

It's important to be happy in order to bring stress levels down. Take a short vacation from your life! Do fun, relaxing things that keep you happy and stress-free, like starting a new hobby or binge-watching a new TV show. Focus on your hobby or a new TV show that you've been meaning to watch everything.

2. Honor Your Emotions

Embrace your masculine AND feminine feelings. If it's positive, why not? When you hide those emotions, you become even more stressed because you're not being honest with yourself.

Want to know more about your androgynous nature? Check out the video above for more great expert insights!