Dear Jen And Ben: This Is The Only Way To Truly Save Your Marriage

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Love, A Fan Who's Holding Out Hope For You

Dear Jennifer and Ben,

When I read all the opinions and comments by the press and your fans after you announced your plans to divorce, it amazed me how the world always assumes that because a couple is famous, they have a paradise life.

In actuality, famous couples have to work even harder on their marriages than anyone else, with the added pressure of having to be "perfect" amidst the haters who want you fail.

I don't want you to fail. So, I'm tossing in my 2-cents:

Ben: You're a good man, a great actor, and you have a very kind heart. It's just that you're way more committed to your work than you've ever been committed to your marriage.

Work is great, and yes, it's your whole life. But Jennifer is the blood in that life, and without her flowing through your veins, a year from now you're going to realize that you had true love and you didn't appreciate it.

If you can win an Oscar, you have the ability and the capacity to fix anything with Jennifer. Win her back. Don't let some other guy take your irreplaceable trophy.

Jennifer: You've been standing by your man for a really long time. Whatever has or hasn't happened in your, you still have a choice. You can divorce Ben and "move on," but whatever mistakes he's made aren't so horrid that they cannot be fixed.

How many really good men in this world do you think there are? What are the odds of you ever finding another guy half as good as Ben?

Emotions are running high right now, and you're both miserable and pissed. You can take a marriage that's mostly good and toss it into the rubbish. Or, you can stay and fight for what you have.

Jennifer, you're so strong. You're an amazing, unbreakable Goddess. Get back up. Try one more time.

As a writer, when I pen a story I'm the one who has all the power in how the story goes. You're both writers and actors; you both have the power to write your marriage out of this mess, and still be the parents holding hands at Samuel's high school graduation.

You still have a choice. Fight for it.

All my best,

Nannette LaRee Hernandez