2 Honest Lessons You MUST Teach Your Kids About Love

You WISH your parents would've taught you these ...

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As loving parents, you want to prepare your children for some of the most rewarding and joyful aspects of life. That includes teaching them about love and relationships. 


But just like many other aspects of life, love and relationships can be completely blissful at one moment and drastically heartbreaking in the next. It's important to teach your kids the bittersweet reality of love and relationships so that they can prepare for the best — and the worst — of what's to come.

While no one is ever completely ready for the emotional rollercoaster that is love, at least your kids will have some idea of what their future may hold and the right way to love and respect others.

In the video above, YourTango Experts SVP Melanie Gorman, author Dr. John Gray, international dating and love life coach Suzanne Muller- Heinz, divorce/breakup coach Lindsey Ellison and emotional intelligence coach Renee Jain discuss the five most important love and relationships lessons your kids should know. 


As a little teaser, here are two of those heartfelt and honest lessons:

1. Love YOURSELF First

Be comfortable with who you are. Love ALL that you are. You are a wonderful person and deserve to be on this Earth — no matter what fears, insecurities and judgmental people are telling you otherwise. While falling in love with someone is a wonderful life experience, you don't need that person to be the best you can be.

Lindsey Ellison also urges kids "to not have to find someone else to complete them. As long as they love who they are, they don't need completing."

2. Savor Every Moment With Those You Love

Time is fleeting, and people constantly come in and out of your life — for good and bad circumstances. Appreciate (and make the most out of) every moment you spend with someone you love because life changes happen when you least expect it. 


Want to know more honest lessons to teach your children about love and relationships? Scroll up to the video above to hear the full list of expert advice for your kids!