Say Cheese! The Best Way To Keep Our Kids Smiling Forever

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When it comes to parenting, the words "Don't worry, be happy" hold SO much meaning.

As parents, there is nothing we want more than for our kids to be happy, healthy and safe. Just spending five minutes in the presence of their smiles and watching their eyes lighting up at the little things makes us want to do everything in our power to protect that innocence. So what's the best way to keep their stomachs full and their hearts smiling forever?

Parenting expert Renee Jain totally agrees that we should strive to keep that smile on our kids face by finding ways to show them how to be happy and stay happy. We all want our kids to have a carefree childhood — Doing what we can to protect their happiness is just in our nature. It's crazy to think that happiness takes practice but it's so true! Think about it for a second. How much easier is it for us to be negative when something upsetting happens than to actually take the time out to find a silver lining? Knowing how to control our emotions (not to mention being happy when it's taking everything in us to not be angry) is seriously a process. That's why Jain's advice on how to teach our kids to embrace positivity is so spot on. If you think about it, the adage "When life throws lemons your way, make lemonade" totally fits the bill.