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l am no different from you. We all think we marry for the right reasons; divorce is never in our plan. l wanted a happy marriage, children—the American Dream. But after my second son was born, l secretly knew that my marriage wasn’t meant to be

Divorce was NOT an option for me. For years I tried to work on it. I went to therapy. We went to therapy. Yet the more I discovered who I was, the more I changed. And the more I changed, the more my husband felt threatened by it. Our marriage became a power struggle which made me feel trapped, alone, and depressed.

I began to fantasize what life would be like without him, free from arguments and negativity, and possibly falling in love with someone new. Yet I didn’t think I was allowed to have that choice. And I felt guilty for even having those feelings. After all, I took a vow — for better or for worse. I was terrified what divorce would do to my children. I couldn’t bear hurting them.

Even though it felt horrible, and terrifying, and confusing, deep down I had a strange clarity of knowing what I had to do. Moving out was the worst day of my life. I cried as the movers packed half my house into my new house. When the movers left, I fell to the floor and cried for hours.

The next two years of dating all the wrong people, falling in love only to get my heart broken again, made me think I had made the wrong decision. My post-divorce life was not what I had envisioned. There was no handbook for single parenting. At last, the void that I created needed a closer examination. It was time I fill that void with love for myself.

That’s right, I fell in love with myself. And once I did that, my life finally changed. I found my soul mate, married him, and decided to make it my life’s purpose to help women coping through divorce, just like you. I discovered that this divorce journey has three Chapters- of which you will go through or are going through right now- depending on where you are.

Divorce is a new beginning. It is a new phase, a new opportunity to get to know yourself and create a life that you truly love. I am honored to be able to teach you, guide you, and inspire you throughout the entire process.

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