I Tried The New App That Will Break Up With Your Boyfriend FOR YOU

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New App Will Breakup With Your Boyfriend FOR You

This will save you an awkward conversation.

Technology can be pretty helpful, but it can also make your love life impersonal. For example, dating apps result in people using the numbers game by sending the same messages to multiple people to get replies back.

But that might not be as bad as people who earnestly use this new breakup app.

Binder is a free app created by a Scottish beer company, Tennent's Lager, and it helps people end relationships by calling them and texting them.

"Binder makes it just as easy to get rid of them, too. With one swipe we take out all the pain of chucking your other half," reads the description on Apple

You do this by picking the gender of the person you're dumping. You then enter their name and phone number. Next, you can add a photo of them, or skip that and hit the bin. Lastly, you hit one of four excuses provided:

  1. "Our relationship is as patchy as your beard."
  2. "It's better to have loved and lost, so, on that note, 'Get Lost.'"
  3. "If you were the last person on Earth, I'd still send this."
  4. "I don't want you close to me, emotionally or geographically."

I decided to test the app out myself.

My three victims, including my boyfriend, were confused by it even when I warned them beforehand. They got a phone call with what they assumed to be an Irishman's voice, although it was probably Scottish.

They then got a text afterwards, just in case they didn't get the point that it was over.

Victim #1: The Boyfriend

The excuse: "Our relationship is as patchy as your beard."

The call: According to him, an Irish guy called him to tell him I dumped him for another guy. I don't know where this came from, but it's interesting.

The text:

I then tried this on my friend.

Victim #2: The Friend

The excuse: "It's better to have loved and lost, so on that note, 'Get Lost'"

The call: She also claims an Irish guy called her and gave this sick burn.

The Text: You should probably know that I entered her name as "crazy" for more of an effect.

Last, but not least, I tried the app on a coworker.

Victim #3: The Coworker

The excuse: "I don't want you close to me, emotionally or geographically."

The call: We both tried really hard to listen to this call, but the accent, along with the recording, made it pretty hard to understand. We did, however, understand that he said I moved on from her and she's dumped.

The text:

In my opinion, this particular app isn't very effective. Chances are, you're going to get a call or text from them wondering what the heck just happened. Very confusing, don't you think?

If you're trying to break up with your significant other, please, do it the right way: meet at a public place, or call them and give them the bad news. They'll have to face the music anyway, and you might as well do one last nice thing for them.