Totally Normal Brazilian Man Becomes The Newest "Human Ken Doll"

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ken doll

Dear god.

There are many men competing for the "human Ken doll" title by getting numerous surgeries. First, there was Justin Jedlica, who had 150 surgeries at the young age of 18. Then there was Rodrigo Alves, who got $250,000 worth of surgeries on his face body.

Now there is a newcomer gunning for their spot:

Mauricio Galdi is a 27-year-old Brazilian man who reportedly starting getting plastic surgery at 17, according to Daily Mail.

He reportedly has no problem being compared to Barbie's boyfriend. However, he does have a problem with girls being allowed to play with Barbies and aspire to look like them, but not boys.

Photo: Twitter

"I saw them playing with dolls and I wanted to do the same, but I never did for fear of prejudice," Galdi tells Daily Mail.

He then goes on to talk about the human Ken title.

"I never sought to be the Brazilian human Ken," he said. "It was something that came to me, television sought to give me the title."

According to Daily Mail, Celso Santebañes, another Brazilian man who has been compared to the childhood toy after spending $47,000 on surgery, and Galdi first had a feud, but later became friends. Santebañes passed away from leukemia earlier this month.

Even after his friend's passing, it's clear this young man's efforts to look like Ken have paid off (hopefully enough to reimburse him for the tens of thousands he spent on surgery).

Now if only he and the human Barbie could become an item, that'd be some serious plastic love.